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Torre Leaving New York After Turning Down Incentive-Linked Contract

Queens is the largest in area and the second most populous of the five boroughs of New York City. The borough of Queens is coterminous with Queens County in New York State, USA. It is home to New York City's two major airports (John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia), the New York Mets baseball team, the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center (home of the annual U.S. Open), Silvercup Studios, Flushing Meadows Corona Park, and Queens Center (the most profitable per-square-foot mall in America). Thank you wikipedia posted by HATER 187 and unless shea stadium was relocated since the last time ive been there a few months ago it was in flushing meadows corona park across the street from the USTA Tennis Center (among other park attractions) and just a mile away from LaGuardia Airport, resulting in the sound of frequent airplanes flying over the game. but maybe its in brooklyn now. a lot could have changed since the end of august

posted by nyfan at 06:46 PM on October 19, 2007

Torre Leaving New York After Turning Down Incentive-Linked Contract

Torre himself has said it was an insult. Many yankee fans and web sites are saying the exact same things being said here.. Which means you can simply label everything here yankee hatred if you choose, but its not going to fly elsewhere. posted by justgary thank you justgary!! $5 million is a lot of money. everyone who says that is correct. the big issue is here as many have stated b4 is that you have a guy who is the face of your franchise, who has Hall of Fame credentials, who took a mediocre Yankees team and took them to the playoffs 12 straight years, won 4 World Series, 3 of them back to back, and can keep his cool with the vultures called the new york city media. not many people can do that, perhaps nobody can. think of how many other teams would love to have the guy with all this on his resume manage their team?? probalby all of them. so the point of this is that this person with those credentials just worked his magic again and the yankees brass decided that it wasnt enough. so they gave him a paycut and an incentive based contract. when you have the 2nd most winningest manager in the history of the winningest team in baseball history cutting your pay and offering you incentives i would find that insulting. there are a lot of good baseball teams. only 8 of them make the playoffs, only 1 of them wins it all. that means 29 other teams fail every year? what if the rockies lose the world series, does that mean this year wasnt successful? what about the brewers, since they didnt make the playoffs but were in the race the whole season after 10-20ish years of being the joke of the sport make ned yost an underachiever? theres teams like the royals and devil rays that would love to have someone do what joe torre did and for the yankees to "motivate" him is a slap in the face

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Yankees Broadcaster Suzyn Waldman Cries on the Air

i think a lot of people would have done similar things given the circumstances, joe torres a great guy and one of top yankees managers of all time, and to see a greedy senile moron in florida give him the bs that hes giving him--torres better than that. and nobody wants to see him go. i cant knock her for crying over that but i heard it live on the radio and thought it was comical. i never liked her as a clubhouse reporter and cant stand her on the radio. john sterling can get annoying and over the top a lot of times but hes better than the guys on YES because he really gets into the team and makes games more exciting to listen to. YES is only fun to watch when bobby murcers in the booth and hes gradually getting phased out for the likes of michael equally arrogant kay and john flaherty and joe girardi and kim im just happy to be in the clubhouse when guys are changing jones. the wfan mets guys are the best active baseball broadcasters ive heard.

posted by nyfan at 11:10 AM on October 10, 2007

Turn Out the Lights, The Season's Over

its hard to get motivated if youre on a lame duck team to play hard. If the situations as bad as he said it was (# of players, no jv) i guess i can understand where he is coming from. at the same time, i can see the other side because my high school hasnt had a good season since the early 80's, but is still the most popular sport at the school for players and spectators

posted by nyfan at 02:21 PM on September 28, 2006

Orioles Fans Walk Out In Protest:

Angelos also saw the fans walk out. Just staying home wouldn't have sent the message to him, even though he wouldnt have got the money from the ticket sales. Whether it gets inside him or not is a completely different thing, but i give the fans props for doing it. (the a-rod link on that page is a good story too)

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AT&T: Yet another name for Giants ballpark: Delivered.

the BOB has since been renamed, Chase Field. Chase bank took over Bank One a few months ago.

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AT&T: Yet another name for Giants ballpark: Delivered.

i was thinking that qubit meant like the news corporation dodgers or tribune cubs or rogers blue jays, etc. the best name still around probably has to be madison square garden. even though its not located there anymore, it still rolls off the tongue and has some prestige to it. yankee and dodger stadiums are a close 2nd and 3rd.

posted by nyfan at 02:38 PM on February 03, 2006

the best play in sports history???

my comment should read "greatest play", not ploy.

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the best play in sports history???

this is all a ploy, look at the thread....."greatest ploy in sports history" who can resist that??? he wanted it to get comments, and it did. hes probably laughing his ass off at us falling for his prank, even if it does violate the guidelines.

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The Ten Most Hated Athletes

this came from gq, which isnt best known for its sports coverage. but i think its a good list in spite of it. good post grum

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Professional Football Continues to be the Nationís Favorite Sport

attendance records and tv ratings are good indicators, but they can both be skewed. some people go to games just for something to do, but might not necessarily like the sport. ditto for tv ratings. everyone watches the super bowl, but it might not be because they like football....its a cultural institution. the same goes for movies, everyone goes to the movies, but not everyones like roger ebert....its just something to do for some people. i guess there is no fool proof gauge to find out what really is the most popular sport...but these results sound pretty accurate. i wonder how accurate merchandise sales would be. people wont just buy a jersey or hat or pennant or stuffed mascot for the hell of it, you know? i wonder if anybody's thought of that as an indicator.

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Professional Football Continues to be the Nationís Favorite Sport

nicely put skydivedad. i football is the only sport that everyone can universally agree on. It has the short season and friendly schedule that makes it convenient to just about anybody because most people dont have to work when its on. It has the physical intense competition and hot cheerleaders that guys like. baseballs cool, but some people get turned off that they play every single day, so they probably only tune in or go when there is another reason too, like the excitement of a new season in april, or to see pennant chases. basketball's cool too, but i cant see the nba appealing to everybody. i think the ron artest brawl and the controversy over the dress code back that argument up. everything else i think is regional. college football i think is definitely not a northeastern sport. it is virtually nonexistent here in real life. syracuse and army both suck, after them there is practically nothing. college basketball is big, but i think when its not march that its bigger where there is a team and among basketball fans, but not everybody in general. hockey is big in the northern states, but what about in warmer climates?? i think the same goes for nascar. its huge in the south, its big in the small towns in the north, but outside of pr gigs, ive never seen anything about it cities around here. btw, i prefer baseball, hockey, basketball (nba or college), then football

posted by nyfan at 06:21 PM on January 19, 2006

Ex-Red Wing Marc Potvin, 38, Found Dead

i live in glens falls where the frostbite play. i was beyond shocked when i saw this on the news. he was very popular here because he helped resurrect the frostbite, then the icehawks, from the dead with melrose and made them into the legit team that they are today. he was also a popular player with the adirondack red wings, detroits former triple a affiliate, he helped them win their last of 4 calder cups before the franchise folded because they couldnt compete on or off the ice with the nearby albany river rats. i dont remember the a-wings glory days from the 80s but last year, the frostbite hosted the uhl all star game. i attended it and prior to the game, there was a red wings alumni vs. uhl and espn staff game. one of my favorite memories from that game was when potvin, playing for the red wings, sucker elbowed his boss (friendly of course) frostbite co-owner and espn commentator steve levy, who was playing for team uhl. on that note, i cant imagine what it must be like for the family, but i also cant even begin to think what must be going thru the players minds. just last weekend, the 6th, 7th, and 8th, they played 3 games in 3 days in 2 cities, a home and home with elmira, and a sunday game vs. muskegon. the skydivers know what im talking about...elmira sucks. they lost the friday game in a shootout and lost the saturday game in regulation, for the first 2 times elmira beat the frostbite this year. muskegon beat them last sunday in what would eventually be potvins final game. after that game, he ripped the team for their poor showings and picking up 1 out of a possible 6 points...this coming after a sizzling start to the season. it was just business as usual then, but now in does that make a player feel knowing that they underperformed and were in his doghouse when he died?? knowing they will never be able to win and make a good impression again?? its like when we were little kids we all had that little brother or sister that we hated....imagine we were bullying them around then they died the next day and you never got to apologize for it?? thats what the players are going through and its gotta be the most uncomfortable most unbearable embarrassing feeling that they will carry around for the rest of their lives. RIP coach potvin

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NHL Attendance for November Best in League History

im glad new york has an nhl team again on the inflated numbers, i went to a minor league game (ahl) and the crowd was announced at 2254, but there were definitely only 200 or less there.

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Mess goes to the rafters...

great ceremony tonight

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Is nothing sacred at Wrigley?

ive never been to wrigley field, but im having similar feelings about yankee stadium, and i guess shea too. ive been to both of those ones. you cant get rid of a landmark, wrigley field is a chicago icon, and all these things like being old and never changing a name are what makes it so great. the lights are just a sign of the times, but the bleachers and the ivy and people on the street catching homers and the bars and the neighborhood setting (no parking) is nice because they dont build stadiums like that anymore. i will be heartbroken in 2009 when the new Yankee Stadium opens, and it will probably be really nice and all that, but i will miss sitting with the working class people in the upper deck, and it wont have the same little things that this one does, like tons and tons of history, and a courthouse in right field, or the sound of subways rumbling by every few minutes, or bob sheppard. it wont be the same stadium. if i was a cubs fan, i would feel the same way about wrigley field. i would rather have them make little changes to the existing stadium and keep that then build a new one, because regardless of what the execs say, it will not be the same.

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Just more non news

what willthrill72 said

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Just more non news

im not trying to say any teams better than anyone else, im just trying to say that the story happens everywhere to everyone, but since it happens to a famous guys son, it gets more attention...if it happened to anyone else, it wouldnt be known outside that town.

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Five men detained, questioned for praying at NY Giants game

I dont have any comments on whether race was involved or they thought they were terrorists or whatever people are thinking. But I have this. I went to that game, and i can assure that there were at least about 5 or 6 security guys doing their jobs, so im gonna give them the benefit of the doubt and say that they all did their jobs. I was patted down before entering the game as if i was boarding an airplane, and inside the stadium, saw 2 parties get ejected in my own section of them a father and son sitting next to me that i didnt see do anything to deserve it (i was only watching the game on the field). but anyways, i dont think it was the security people not doing thier jobs. if they looked suspicious, i think just a simple polite question would have done the trick. it cant take too long to pray, i dont think....if they were still there in like a half hour....then i might raise the eyebrows, but you cant assume anything based on first sight. and if the area was a problem, they could have been told to take it somewhere else. i guess i think that if race or religion was involved, based on the security people i encountered that day, they probably would not have been allowed into the stadium to begin with.

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WS Ratings suck! Thank you, FOX!

Hey guys- you keep bitchin about McCarver and everything- but you have never listened to Micheal Kay commentary- have you? He's the WORST ANNOUNCER EVER!!! yes he is. i would rather listen to john sterling and suzyn waldman spit out broadway lyrics on wcbs than michael kay on yes. and those guys suck too. the yankees only good broadcasters are jim kaat, bobby murcer, paul o'neill and ken singleton. Im gonna give professorc some props. I can vaguely remember a time when people thought tim mccarver was the best in the business, but he obviously isnt anymore. I think Morgan is pretty smart though. I dont mind Buck either. But Tim McCarver i think lost his game a while ago. If your team is in the WS, and more importantly wins the WS, you feel it was the best WS ever, and why didn't everyone watch it. If your team isn't in the WS, you just want good games, close games, run scoring games. Blow outs and sweeps don't attract viewers in any sport, unless your team is the one kicking ass. A sweep in the WS was only sweet for White Sox fans. Low scoring games, pitching duels are only attractive to the winning team's fans, and of course the baseball purist. Which, by the way, wants the pitcher to keep batting in the order, which holds down on scoring runs. East coast fans have always been arrogant in their stance of their sports teams (amoung other things which I won't touch here). Other parts of the country can kick your ass, and we do it quite often. You can revel in a good year, but obviously, not this year huh Yankees and Red Sox fans? btw, i like the 1st paragraph, couldnt agree more (im a baseball purist) but the only arrogant fans ive met are the ones who dont actually go to the games. the true fans show up at the stadium, even if its just once. this year was a good series, and 98% of the world population missed out.

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CommonCensus Sports Map Project

Wait a second. I saw this while looking at the maps. "Important: this map is highly inaccurate and should be understood only as a demonstration, and not as any kind of reliable data yet. It is based on only a few thousand votes spread across all teams, across the country. Many of the borders between team areas are based mostly on computer extrapolation in between distantly separated votes. A map with more accurate boundaries will gradually emerge as the number of votes reaches the upper tens of thousands." I guess that answers our questions.

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CommonCensus Sports Map Project

Something is screwy with the college football map in Florida. Tallahassee is Gator Country! ;-). I agree. I didn't look at college football, but I looked at the other ones and found that Albany, NY; where I live, is all Boston fans, in everything. I know that is not true because the predominant fans here are Yankees fans, and the Mets are a close 2nd. For football, its all blue, as in the Giants because they train here. The Bills and Jets are also popular. There are also a handful of Dallas Cowboys fans too. For basketball, I dont believe the Celtics are the popular team. I like the Knicks, I believe most others in the area do too. Ditto for hockey, I believe most people like the Rangers and Devils, not the Bruins. There are some Red Wings and Avs fans too, and some people still love the Hartford Whalers from when they were in Hartford. I guess not enough people voted yet.

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This is why the Yankees keep losing.

Great chemistry leads to magical moments in the playoffs, and ultimately championships. Prime example - the 2004 Red Sox. I think the last Yankee team that had this was the 2001 team that lost to Arizona. (So why did they lose? That's the 200 million dollar question I guess?) i couldn't agree with you more, and i like the yankees. money doesn't buy chemistry. i think this is what mel was suggesting in his comments. its not torres fault, or his, or cashmans...its the boss himselfs fault. besides being old, every player is capable of being the leader, the marquee man. there are no role players....i miss the little known but equally important people from back then like paul oneill and scott brosius and such...they werent household names until they started winning. I will always root for them but I for one would not mind a re building period. realistically, i wouldnt either.

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Is this in the best interests of all of baseball?

what you said, sfts2

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I think the players are screwed up. Their union was so adamant about not accepting a cap, but they all played in Europe and independent minor leagues for less money. If they were willing to play in Europe or low paying minor leagues for less money, then why couldn't they take a cut in the NHL? I just don't get it. Also, to the Toronto fan, I think being a New York fan is the worst right now. Sure, some are probably wondering what drugs I'm on right now, but think about it. The Yankees choked in the playoffs to the most hated rival in all of professional sports, but also the Giants squandered a 5-3 start to finish 6-10. Then the Jets missed the field goals. The Mets always suck, and the Knicks just 1 month ago were in first place, and fell to the basement in the course of a week. And this is all in a city that is always used to being at or near the top of everything. It sucks, and is awkward as hell. If it were me, I would rather have my teams suck from start to finish rather than start off good and then collapse.

posted by nyfan at 02:18 PM on February 16, 2005