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Yes I was there. dano, why wouldn't i post again in response to all of this?

posted by achusker at 01:43 PM on April 28, 2004

the thing is rcade is probably this older man, that didn't have fun in college, high school, or anytime in his life. he probably didn't ever get invited to parties, was rejected by the popular kids, and that girl he had a crush on for years. he probably wanted to play sports, but wasn't very good. probably on a team, but sat the bench, or was just a manager. so he wouldn't know what exactly goes on at parties or gatherings that tend to go on late in the evening. let me tell you what went on here, seeing as i was actually there. a group of friends were celebrating a great season and spending some last minute time with seniors. the party wasn't wild, not out of control as you make it sound rcade. it was merely a regular gathering. jenna happened to be in the wrong place when this happened. she wasn't looking for trouble, despite what you think. the time of day has nothing to do with happened. this could have happened at 2 in the afternoon. we're not able to control how someone reacts to what another person says, regardless of how well you know them. You seem to be forgeting that someone died. Any individual with a heart would show some sort of compassion for the loss her family and friends have encountered. How would you react if this would have been one of your children? Would you have placed blame on them. I doubt it. I think anger would have hit and you would blame and be angry at the individual that killed your child. Do you know how many gatherings/parties continue after midnight? We have plenty that occur. it doesn't mean we're drinking or doing drugs. Have you ever heard of game night or movie night? If not, maybe you should get rid of your all knowing attitude and make some friends.

posted by achusker at 12:29 PM on April 28, 2004