October 22, 2002

Have you seen this yet? Apparently being on the cover of Sports Illustrated leads to bad things for a lot of athletes. I'm hoping either Eric Lindros or Barry Bonds are on the cover next. And maybe my first grade teacher Mrs. Seminara for some reason. (Link horked from Puckupdate.com)

posted by Samsonov14 to general at 10:25 AM - 4 comments

You know that issue is from January, right? :)

posted by tieguy at 11:03 AM on October 22

The jinx is crap. How many times has an athlete been on the cover of SI and not been jinxed? A lot more than those who have been jinxed. You know that issue is from January, right? :) Who cares? This a timeless issue and I don't think this a dp. Samsonov14, nice thread.

posted by Bag Man at 08:09 PM on October 22

Last year, the Redskins went 0-5, then 5-0. They were on the cover of SI (I have a copy, of course). The next week they lost to Dallas. The curse is real.

posted by owillis at 08:26 PM on October 22

I know. I mean, there's no other possible explanation for how the Skins could lose!

posted by ajax at 10:29 PM on October 22

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