October 16, 2007

Rockies Going to World Series: With the 4-0 sweep of the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Colorado Rockies' winning streak now stands at 20-1. Only two other teams in Major League history had a run that compares -- the 2001 Oakland A's and 1977 Kansas City Royals went 23-1 -- but neither extended it into the postseason. .

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YES!!! Cue Sox/Tribe fans and their BS about how AL is so much better than NL in 5,4,3,2....

posted by drumdance at 04:06 AM on October 16

The only one mentioning that is you. But it's nice of you to try and start shit where none existed before. Thanks for trying. This is one crazy magical mystery tour the Rocks are on. What have they lost, one game in the past month? Insane. While I'll be cheering for the Sox if that's the matchup, I still think it might be the most good-natured World Series we'll ever see. If they go up against Cleveland, though, I'll definitely be pulling for Clint's boys.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 06:16 AM on October 16

That is an extraordinarily impressive run, even more so considering that you could argue that the last 15 or so games prior to the end of the season were more or less must win games (considering that the 12-1 run to end the season was necessary just to get them into the one game playoff to go to the NLDS). I wouldn't think that a team that features Josh Fogg in its starting playoff rotation could win the World Series, but I think all bets are off after Jeff Weaver pitched the clinching victory for the Cardinals last year. As for the argument that the NL is inferior to the AL, I think the interleague numbers and other indicators suggest that it is (and I say that as primarily an NL fan). However, none of that really matters in the postseason, and the Rockies will have just as good a chance of winning this thing as whatever AL team comes through.

posted by holden at 07:39 AM on October 16

Someone is bound to bring up the Coolbaugh Family share, it might as well be me. The Black Hand is right, this we'll be the most good-natured World Series. After all, its already been the most good-natured postseason I can remember.

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Congrats to the Rockies and their fans as another Wild Card Squad makes it to the World Series. It's unfortunate this thread has to start with such a trollish comment by drumdance. Way to show some class in support of your squad. It looks like you've been around here long enough to know better.

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Sorry all. If you knew what we Rox fans have had to put with in the ESPN forums... I temporarily forgot that this place is much more intelligent. Sorry again for that.

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Two things that always seems to be proven every postseason, one is that yes the postseason is a bit of a crapshoot, with any hot team having the ability to streak its way to a championship but more importantly, fans tend to overvalue the players/team they watch every day and undervalue the competition. As someone who primarily watches the Yankees / Redsox all season I had no idea how impressive the Cleveland Indians relief pitchers were and to be honest I donít think I could have named more then 3 or 4 players on the Rockies entire squad. Obviously the Rockies have proven themselves to be a very good team on a historic run. I wonder how the long wait for game 1 of the World Series will affect them?

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I wonder how the long wait for game 1 of the World Series will affect them? Maybe by Game 1 Matt Holliday's chin will have finally healed up.

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The layoff is worrisome for sure. No team has had to wait 9 days to start the WS, but 7 of 10 teams that had to wait 5 days or more went on to win. Technically I believe the A's had to wait 9 days during the earthquake series of '89, but so did the Giants.

posted by drumdance at 11:02 AM on October 16

Go Rockies #1!! This is Blake St!!

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This is our guidelines!!

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Go Rockies #1!! Wow, you must be a big Jamey Carroll fan. This is Blake St!! No, this is SportsFilter.

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Carroll rules. He got us in to get the Phils.

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SFValley_Dude, since you appear to be kind of dense, let me put to you clearly what others have tried to hint at: this is not the place to be a cheerleader. If the only thing you can contribute to the discussion is... Go Rockies #1!! This is Blake St!! ...then don't post, because we're not here to read that crap. You want to make sweet man-love to Jamey Carroll, more power to you, big guy. If you're going to post, try to post something worthwhile that shows you actually have some knowledge of sports beyond WE ROXX, YOU SUXX, #1!!!!!!!

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So I shouldn't post my slash-fiction about John Kruk entitled Two Bats, Three Balls?

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Only as a column.

posted by apoch at 03:59 PM on October 16

I think I might have read that. Wasn't the tagline:
"Low and inside with the Uni-baller"?

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I am a big Rockies fan. I do not mean to offend anybody. I am in Dodger Stadium every spring, and rooting for them. However, I have lived in Denver, and that team has grown on me. Believe me, the D-backs are a great club well deserving of all their victories this season. The Padres are also a great club, Bochy was an excellent manager, and Bud Black tremendously helped the Angels when he was in the OC. If the ALCS goes 7, the layoff is long to a point of worry. Because the AL team's blood will still boil. However, if the Indians end it in 5, then I don't think the layoff will be an issue. Just my two cents, I think the whoever wins the ALCS will do it in 6, which for the Rockies, is a little lesser evil than 7.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 05:26 PM on October 16

I can't help but think the Denver area is due for a big, early-season snowstorm. Between that and the unusually mild weather both Cleveland and Boston have been enjoying, I just hope the World Series doesn't turn into a frigid mess.

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I have gotten to push mute whenever Kruk come in spring, because I know he will pick the Yankees. He predicted A Rod to play for the Angels in 08. The LA Times said the other day he will almost certainly land with the cubs or mariners.

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re: mythical AL v NL "which is better" debate referred to in the first comment. Since 2000, the NL has won the World Series three times, and the AL has won it four times. It is pretty clear to me that when it comes to the World Series, either league could win, and the AL underestimates the NL team at their peril. (AL fan here, by the way)

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I can't help but think the Denver area is due for a big, early-season snowstorm. Between that and the unusually mild weather both Cleveland and Boston have been enjoying, I just hope the World Series doesn't turn into a frigid mess. Ya know what? I hope it does. I hope it snows two feet. And a foot and a half in Boston or Cleveland, too, even though I'll have to walk/bike/drive in it if it's in Boston. Then maybe some people will come to their senses and not schedule game 7 of the World Serious to be played on November 1. ...besides, rehire day at the mountain is November 3, and if we got freshies, there is no way I'm not gettin' some.

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BTW, thanks SFValley_Dude for reading those posts and guidelines and adjusting your posting style. Your last two comments here were great- just the kind of stuff we'd like to see at Sportsfilter! The_Black_Hand, it wasn't necessary to be rude and call SFValley_Dude dense. He seems like a fine chap now that his enthusiasm is under control. ;)

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There is something about going to a baseball game in frigid temperatures that changes the game. Last year I went to a World Series game in jeans, a wool hat, and a winter jacket. However, I found it to be one of the more exciting baseball games I had ever been to. Obviously that is partly due to the fact that it was a World Series game rather than a meaningless game against the Royals but there was just something about freezing in your seat, only moving your hands out of your pockets to wave those towel things that made the game a great time.

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The funniest thing about cold October games is they bring out all the fair weather fans. The Rox game 3 against the Dbacks was just miserable - cold & drizzly in that way that just chills you to the bone. Gotta say MLB's scheduling through the playoffs has been just awful. Games start so late that kids will never be able to say up and watch thrilling finishes. And now these crazy layoffs between games and series. During the season nobody on the Rox (or anywhere else) took more than three days off, and that was for the All Star game. Now they have to do nine?!

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The funniest thing about cold October games is they bring out all the fair weather fans. It's the post-season. Kind of expected, regardless of weather.

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Are those pigs flying?!?!?

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drumdance, welcome to a Sportsfilter tradition: taking MLB to task for apparently trying to destroy their own product by scheduling it at times that guarantee that many of us won't be able to watch it. Join us as we revel in the brilliance that is...Selig!

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I wish it was the cubs, but I'm happy for colorado, especially Helton he is a good player who just goes out and plays the game hard.

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