August 06, 2002

Among the believers: "She is dressed in costume as Queen Titan, with a crown and a blue and red cape. This is not a confession, and the gathering is not a 12-step program. If Queen Titan is not exactly bragging, she is at least happily describing her life and the supreme place of the Tennessee Titans in it, and if the people she's describing it to are not exactly envious, they at least understand just where she's coming from. They, too, live for their teams. " You gotta love the absurdity of The Hogettes...

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If you read the Hogette's web site, I found it interesting to learn that they were born out of a philanthropic role, rather than football fans. And it sounds like entertaining kids in hospitals is what interests them the most. I missed that in the VISA commercial.

posted by rebeuthl at 01:40 PM on August 06

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