April 19, 2006

Some Cup History and Some Interesting Links: After seeing a Hip-Hopper with the Stanley Cup I just had to post a history link for newbies to Hockey or those who just don't understand why some of us revere it so much.

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Coincidence The two years that the NHL has not had a Stanley Cup Champion, 1919 and 2005, the Boston Redsox's had won the World Series the prior year, 1918 and 2004. Don't even think about it!

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Thanks "Commander Cody" from a long time "Wingnut" who had not seen nor heard the story of "THE CUP". My four sons and daughter love hockey which is strange here in Indiana. They are all "Wingnuts" and talk about the game alot. Glad to know the whole story behind "THE CUP".

posted by coach at 07:19 AM on April 19

Great link. I was surprised that I didn't know some of that. The two years that the NHL has not had a Stanley Cup Champion, 1919 and 2005, the Boston Redsox's had won the World Series the prior year, 1918 and 2004. I'm not sure what it means, but it sure seems to help explain why the Bruins blow ass.

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Nice link, some very interesting things in there. They didn't mention the "no goal" "no cup" incident. The Dallas Stars shouldn't even have their names on there, that should be Buffalos on there. Guess they will just have to win it all this year. :)

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Once, right after I returned home and undressed after a long and sweaty football practice, my visiting and rather unathletic cousin picked up my cup and put his over his mouth. "What's this? An oxygen mask?" he breathed. That's my cup history.

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Um... Psych Central?

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wfrazerjr, you need a disclaimer that says, "Warning: Do not read until after your breakfast has settled, and make sure you do not take a swig of Diet Mountain Dew while reading."

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Man, My Rangers blew it last night.

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Um... Psych Central? My wife is a Psychiatric RN and I was a counselor in a psych ER for awhile several years ago. Most of our friends are Psychiatrists and RN's and some are hockey fans, so they send me stuff and I run accross some of it on my own. They are easily the craziest bunch of people you could ever meet.

posted by commander cody at 10:42 AM on April 19

We love the Cup because it is unlike all the other sports trophies, it actually has a personality. The players get to have their names engraved on it, and have recently gotten to spend a day with it, and like a crazy old uncle, the cup has some great stories. With every other sport, the trophy is just a hunk of metal. The only other real special trophy routine I can think of is in college football, where the players kiss the Crystal Egg.

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awesome...and perfect timing for the playoffs..time to stock up on munchies&beer..oh an batteries,too..lol!!

posted by ktown at 04:18 PM on April 19

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