February 25, 2006

Bode "rocked" at the Olympics: Even though he didn't even finish several of the events he was expected to medal in and left the Turin empty-handed, Bode Miller enjoyed his Olympic experience, particularly his time at crazy bars.

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First I have to say that I do respect Miller for living life on his own terms. But second, and most importantly, why in the hell didn't he let someone else go to the Olympics in his place?!? He could have flew over there as a "manager" or something and partied just as hard. Some people dream of going to the Olympics their whole life, and this selfish bastard used Team USA to get drunk and party all night. What a dick.

posted by wingnut4life at 04:06 PM on February 25

Jerk is a better name for Bode. If he wanted to bar hop or party, he should have stayed home, or visited Aspen or Jackson Hole.

posted by jlwiii at 04:19 PM on February 25

These are misguided comments. He got to where he is by living a certain lifestyle, from the training to the qualifying races to the Olympic events. And so he was off during his Olympic runs. So be it. Don't knock a guy who's been doing things the way he always has, just because corporate USA decided Bode would be the poster boy of 2006.

posted by charlatan at 04:37 PM on February 25

This is why every Olympics there are stories about the American soap operas they bring with them. Some people just do not get it. Before the games Bode was handed over millions from Nike and many other sponsors and supporters. I wonder how long the asshole at Nikes, who gave him the edorsement contract, will stay there. What a selfcentered dickhead that Bode is. And do not give me the crap that he did it his way. In the mean time everyone is roasting the girl who got gold but had the balls to wear tiara. She delivered, right? And those two black and white speedscaters? Please!

posted by Mr C at 04:42 PM on February 25

charlatan's right. This mindset is exactly what won him all those races and got him to the top of his profession before the Olympics. He lives hard, when he wins, he wins hard (and he's won a lot lately), and part of that bargain is that when he loses, he loses hard. Which is exactly what is happening this month for him. He knew this going in. You guys who are dissing him have to understand that you can't have his brand of success without the possibility of great failure.

posted by chicobangs at 04:46 PM on February 25

OK, he won when???

posted by DOGFOODMAN at 05:06 PM on February 25

he's still a dick.....................................

posted by wingnut4life at 05:09 PM on February 25

brodemillersucks.com, check it out. This guy is what's wrong with the kids of my generation. "Mommy said it is okay to come in last as long as I had fun." BULLSHIT!!!! This country was founded with a win at all cost principle, and it is what will continue to make it successful!!

posted by Big Dookie at 05:22 PM on February 25

bode miller- who cares?

posted by aaa76 at 05:28 PM on February 25

aaa76, I care. Any other dumb questions? I don't know if you were paying attention before last month, but they didn't just pull Bode Miller out of line at the Sbarro stand at the food court. He's the defending World Champion. DOGFOODMAN, to answer your question, up until a couple of weeks ago, he'd been doing a lot of winning, for the last few years. He might be the best skier the USA has ever produced, and he got there by being exactly who he is. If you want to bemoan the downfall of society, well, whatever. But that's got nothing to do with how Bode's conducted himself, on and off the hills. He's had plenty of success, and he's had that success because of his live-hard-ski-hard attitude, not in spite of it. You don't have to understand it, and you don't have to have him sit your kids or anything, but you have to respect what he's accomplished in his career with that attitude.

posted by chicobangs at 05:30 PM on February 25

yeah, why?

posted by aaa76 at 05:47 PM on February 25

Miller rocks. Party-on Bodely.........

posted by chrisly13 at 06:01 PM on February 25

I agree with chicobangs in the fact that Bode Miller is a very good skier however his performance this year has been very disappointing. He failed to finish a few races and did very poorly in the ones he did finish, which leads me to wonder about him this year. Did he just not prepare or did he really not care? I'm guessing the latter.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 05:31 AM on February 26

i miss lil_brown_bat.

posted by goddam at 06:57 AM on February 26

mee too

posted by Amateur at 07:36 AM on February 26

me too. And Bode's the new Barry.

posted by qbert72 at 07:38 AM on February 26

me too

posted by skydivemom at 08:35 AM on February 26

"I got to party and socialize at an Olympic level." USA!, USA!, USA!, USA! Train your entire life so you can party hard for a couple of weeks? All these comments are nothing but excuses for a guy who shot off his mouth and couldn't back it up. Anyone who thinks he's happy or satisfied coming home with nothing (except a hangover) to show for all these years of effort need to think again. Living life on his own terms? The guy's no different than any other athlete who discovers drinking (or drugs), then lets it take control of practically everything in his life. Now he can be a drunken buffoon full time.

posted by dyams at 08:39 AM on February 26

i miss lil_brown_bat. We should send her an email begging her to return.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 09:04 AM on February 26

chicobangs: "he got there by being exactly who he is" True. Very true. But he could't stay there by being exactly who he is. I don't think he is an example of his or any other generation. He's just another in the long line of stars who live fast. Will he go all the way and die young? I doubt it. He doesn't seem to have the stamina. I believe you shouldn't take up a space at the Olympics unless you plan to go all out during the event. It's the decent thing to do. Think of someone other than yourself -- like the alternate who just missed the team. Maybe he could have stepped up and won a medal. Party after the Olympics. Do everything you can to be at your peak condition. It's also shows respect to those who helped bankroll the team. You want to party at an olympic level? Call Kate Moss and Nick Nolte. Just skip the Olympics.

posted by ?! at 09:25 AM on February 26

It's a good thing Ricky Williams can't ski. I am wondering if he and Bode are related?After all, they both like to get high and make a fool of themselves! It is a shame that an athlete with Miller's talent doesn't at least finish the races entered, no matter how bad you lost. He didn't do anything, except to bring shame on the U.S. for sending him to represent our country!

posted by nflhou02 at 09:49 AM on February 26

Big head, big mouth, big deal...Went to Italy on someone else's dime and gave a big ol' box of JACK SQUAT in return. Pretty much what today is all about; grab it all, f*uck it up, move on. It was said earlier, and I agree, he should have let someone else take the spot. Why would you work your ass off to get there, and then just piss it away? Welcome to "No-Brain Ass Clown 101".

posted by wolfdad at 10:06 AM on February 26

1. If you think Bode is the only skier who parties, and parties hard, then you're dreaming. And sadly deluded. 2. If you want your athletes to be mindless automotons who call everyone "coach" then you're going to miss a lot of winners. 3. Bode Miller is still a better skier than any of them. And way better in the men's circuit than Picabo Street ever was on the women's.

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and he's still a dick.....................................

posted by wingnut4life at 10:21 AM on February 26

Bode Miller is still a better skier than any of them. Maybe, but how many medals did he win again?

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 02:02 PM on February 26

mikelbyl... At least Picabo Street didn't look like the fool that Bode Miller is. It doesn't matter who does or doesn't party, at least no one else went out and FLOPPED!!! wingnut4life's description is dead-on .....

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Does anyone remember Alberto Tomba?

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We should send her an email begging her to return. posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 9:04 AM CST on February 26 We did - what more can we do?

posted by skydivemom at 03:46 PM on February 26

Interesting dialogue about Bode at the Olympics, but let's remember Bode was there representing the U.S.A. Many young people "dreamed" about being there as he was. To lose, you can't tell me he "Wrote that off" I believe Bode is probably the best skier ever but being so hap-hazard & screwing it up for himself & U.S.A. is really a thumbs down--& he KNOWS it.

posted by watchful eye at 06:23 PM on February 26

i miss lil_brown_bat. Me to, even though she used to jump on my case about things it was always an interesting debate. Fun.

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And way better in the men's circuit than Picabo Street ever was on the women's. Yeah, but Picabo looked a lot cuter in ski pants!

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For the record, since winning a slalom in Sestriere in December 2004, he's failed to finish 12 of 15 races. His final Olympics log looked like this: fifth in the downhill, disqualified in the combined, didn't finish the super-G, tied for sixth in the giant slalom, didn't finish the slalom. His sole individual contribution to this Olympics was to embarrass the US and place the entire US Ski Team in jeopardy. He is much better at marketing his skiing abilities than actually showing them.

posted by irunfromclones at 04:30 PM on February 28

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