August 28, 2005

New Harris Poll news: Already withdrawls? Do you think the panel of voters watch enough college football to even form an informed opinion?

posted by Sports Sage to football at 01:48 AM - 3 comments

How a person gets the info to vote in the poll is up to them. I thin would should knock the Harris poll till its done its job for the whole season. I am tired of ESPN and all of the Media experts-tearing this poll apart when its hasnt even doen anything yet. You guys pushing for a college playoff system should are really read to what the Colleges themselves want, Most colleges and coaches like the curant bowl system. It has a lot of monitary rewards that wouldnt be there in a playoff system. I will wait till the season is over before I make an opinion. Until then -I am off to make a cucumber salad!

posted by daddisamm at 09:49 AM on August 28

Hey why all the rattle on the new Harris Poll? The members of the poll are all qualified people who should know about football. And they will get all thier info from ESPN. Oh well another bisased footbal poll. SHUT THEM ALL DOWN!

posted by Phildaddy at 10:44 AM on August 28

On has to wonder... Harris Poll, Does anybody really care? Care enough to have two threads about it?

posted by gspm at 11:43 AM on August 28

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