July 31, 2005

Make up your damned mind!: Now Manny says he wants to stay in Boston and help them win another World Series. He also says he's a "gangster". I know we just had a thread about this (look down there), but is this guy related to Larry Brown or what? And how can his teammates not just punch him in the nose?

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You gotta remember, Manny is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Nevertheless, its no excuse, when your a member of a TEAM, you should act like one and do whats in the best interest for the TEAM. If he doesn't want the job, give it to me! Stop complaining. If he is still around next year, we'll go thru this again as we do every year with him. By the way, Millar was rallying for Manny on tv, but then again, put a mike in front of Millar, and he'll talk about anything. He is such a media diva, he loves the sound of his own voice! He probably talks to himself in the mirror using his hairbrush as a mike.

posted by redsoxgal at 02:27 PM on July 31

I was petrified they were going to trade him just to trade him. So today... Manny pinch hit, drove in the go ahead run, he's happy and the crowd went frigging nuts for him on his introduction. Forgive and forget fast, indeed. And "he's back" as he said. And these are the Days of our Lives.

posted by jerseygirl at 04:13 PM on July 31

When I heard the "we want manny" from the home town crowd, you just knew he was going to get a hit.

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He's like ahigh maitenence girl--you just gotta remind them they're loved every once and a while. if you don't, they pull stunts like this.

posted by markovitch at 06:50 PM on July 31

Sweet relief there in the bottom of the 8th. I gotta say, listening to the Boston media has been excrusciating over the last three or four days. They're always looking for someone to run out of town and Manny has been on that list for a long time. Yesterday I heard probably the best caller opinion/conspiracy theory that I've ever heard on WEEI yesterday. That being this whole thing is a product of the Red Sox p.r. department, the John Tomase article and the Tom Verducci article both heavily referenced "Red Sox officials" as their sources. It's no secret the Red Sox don't want to pay Manny's salary, so this is a kind of public litmus test. There's no justification for dumping Manny midseason, so you better figure out what the public thinks if the situation presents itself. But, I think they got caught this week, because when Manny had his issues on Wed. and Thurs. the media ran with it and it went sour fast. Talk radio focused on Manny the poor teammate not, Manny who gets $20mil each year. Call me an apologist, but this whole thing spiraled out of control and Manny and the fans got caught in it. I haven't been more shocked than when I heard those boos Friday night. This whole thing will happen again this offseason, but at least the Sox didn't hurt themselves today.

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It's why I can't go to Fenway anymore (along with the $60 tickets and the too-small seats): it's become such a place to see and be seen that it's no longer for "real" fans. I remember watching the ALDS against Cleveland in 1998 and being embarassed because the Indians fans booed every ball called against their pitchers and every strike called against their hitters, regardless of the legitimacy of the calls. Fenway is the same way now. It's not fans, it's whomever can afford to go. And that's why you have those idiots cheering and booing based on whatever the paper told them this week.

posted by yerfatma at 06:09 AM on August 01

Somebody send him a copy of Ryne Sandburg's speech for the H.O.F.. Maybe he might learn something.

posted by volfire at 08:29 AM on August 01

What's he gonna learn, he'll certainly learn about Ryne Sandberg's feelings and experiences as a major league ballplayer. Why does Manny Ramirez need to change who he is, he's one of the most dominant right-handed hitters of this generation, what else does he need to be?

posted by YukonGold at 09:30 AM on August 01

Not being a total flake would be nice. ;) But yeah, Manny is Manny; on the grand scale of 'sports personality syndromes' flakiness-with-a-smile is a pretty mild problem to have, and while I'm sure many Boston fans wish he weren't such a distraction, I'm sure all are happy he seems to be back on board and on-message today.

posted by tieguy at 09:55 AM on August 01

Boston fans boo the guy, then cheer wildly after he wins the game. A lot of things have changed in Boston since they became "expected" to win. Manny produces runs, plain and simple, and the Sox dealing him would be a HUGE mistake if they expect to repeat. I'm doubting a whole lot that Ortiz would be as dangerous without Manny protecting him in the lineup. If the Red Sox fans are just figuring out he's a head case, the obvious question becomes, Where have they been? I'm a Yankee fan, and I wish like heck they would have dealt him to that Siberia known as the New York Mets. And on another subject, will the Red Sox please just pay Trot Nixon some extra money so he'll get himself a new hat? Slob. Management is still in charge to some extent, aren't they.

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Trot's hat. Now there's something that's never been discussed in the media, but anything is possible.

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Take a look at the thing, and you'll wonder even more. The hat is absolutely white it's so discolored from sweat and whatever. You can't even tell it's a Red Sox hat. After Cabrera last year and a few guys this year with about two full inches of pine tar covering their entire batting helmet, I wish someone in that organization would make them look like professionals. Say what you will about the Yanks, they always look their best on the field (more so now with Wells gone (to the Sox, no less)). I know this is WAY off the Manny topic, but he's still in Boston, happy this hour, and the fans got a win, so they're happy this moment, also.

posted by dyams at 11:41 AM on August 01

Kind of a non-issue.

posted by jerseygirl at 11:43 AM on August 01

Trot's hat looks tight. Besides, Ozzie Guillen was one of the progenitors of the dirty hat trend, and we all know Ozzie plays the game right.

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I wish someone in that organization would make them look like professionals. Say what you will about the Yanks, they always look their best on the field The Yankees dress the way the dress because their owner mandates it, not because they do it for the sanctity of the game or because "that's how the game should be". Does their dress in any way improve their performance? The same thing applies to Manny Ramirez and his "character" issues, you believe what you want to believe or, more importantly, what those in power want you to believe.

posted by YukonGold at 11:58 AM on August 01

The Yankees dress the way the dress because their owner mandates it Exactly. An owner in charge. What a novel idea. He wants them to look good and like Yankees, not like a bunch of little leaguers who have to sell Zap-A-Snacks to purchase their uniforms.

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I gotta tell you dyams, I'm more concerned about on-field results.

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An owner in charge. What a novel idea. There's more than one way to run a business. My (on topic) point was that your perception on "the right way to play the game" is largely a factor of what people lead you to believe. Much like the Yankee's clean cut image, this notion that Manny wants out of Boston and isn't a team player has been created by the media and possibly the Red Sox. People may buy in on both accounts, but it doesn't necessarily make them the gospel.

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"Damnit Mattingly, I said to cut those sideburns!"

posted by yerfatma at 12:55 PM on August 01

I agree with dyams in principle. Any baseball team is still a business organization, and I wouldn't let an employee of mine look like he hadn't bathed in three weeks. Allowing your staff to do whatever the hell they want is an excellent way to end up not having an organization any longer. The bigs consider this sort of thing "character", however, and as long as it doesn't affect performance or team chemistry, I guess it doesn't make any difference. It doesn't seem to hurt the Yankees much to be clean-cut, huh?

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Funny thing is that Steinbrenner's more of a head case than Manny will ever be, but here we are, holding him up as an example of leadership. Interesting stuff, considering that some years the Yankees have won in spite of the Boss, not because of him.

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I think the Fenway fans are getting a bad rap here for their (deserved) booing of Manny the other night. Asking to be traded, particularly under the circumstances - Sox finally have a chance to win the division, defending a world championship, and Manny's supposed desire for privacy when the only available suitor is a New York team - is an insult to the city and the fans. He's not asking out because of playing time, or what have you, he's basically saying "I don't like playing here" - this despite signing as a FREE AGENT. That's not something an avid fan base is going to shrug off, and it shouldn't be. Your best player demands a trade for no good reason? What are you supposed to do, pretend it isn't happening? However, with the flurry of events Saturday and Sunday, everyone in Sox Nation realized what a blow it would be to lose Manny, how little any alternatives have to offer, and Manny glimpsed the reality of his situation and offered some conciliatory words. By the time he stepped to the plate last night, both sides had realized that for the time being, they are better off together. So, peace and happiness once again reigned in the Hub... As far as Trot's hat, etc., for whatever reason this "dirt dog" ethic has resulted in a team chemistry Boston hasn't had in years, if ever. "Say what you will about the Yanks, they always look their best on the field"?! What is this, sports or a fashion show? If their superior grooming is the only thing Yankees fans have to lord over Sox fans these days, I guess I can live with that.

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This is why Bill Simmons has a job

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Asking to be traded, particularly under the circumstances I'll wait to see if Verducci has a direct quote.

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Goddamn but Bill Simmons is good, ain't he?

posted by wfrazerjr at 08:47 AM on August 02

This story just irks me. It's as if people in Boston are begging for something to complain about. Smile, put on your World Series Championship (authorized) T-shirt and say, 'well good thing Manny stuck around', and then move on. Fuck - I though after actually winning the goddamn thing I wouldn't have to hear about this stuff all the fucking time anymore.

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It's as if people in Boston are begging for something to complain about. No we're not. The Boston media insists we're all negative fucks, but I think the fandom breaks down about 50/50. That negative 50 are the fairweather fans who enjoy bitching about things (see "Still We Believe" and Al from Everett); they're the people in bars and at family reunions that drive me nuts. The problem is 95% of the media fall into this group, probably because it's easier to write a negative review of something.

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Weedy, let me ask you this, the Sox fans you've known for a while on SpoFi, have we been complaining?

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weedy, if they're not complaining about the team, they're complaining about the media complaining about the team.

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(yeah, yeah, i know. pot, kettle, black :-)

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Weedy, some of us are still getting used to it. It's been a while, man. We have to bitch about something this time of year; normally we'd be in a swoon right now and it would all make sense. It's a brave new world.

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If their superior grooming is the only thing Yankees fans have to lord over Sox fans these days, I guess I can live with that. How bout 26 world champions...I think one world series in 86 years is a little less than the Yankees who's current "deficit" is 5 years. The red sox may have one world series bt they have a long way to go if they want to say their better than the yankees...oh and by the way the red sox do look disgusting...yeah basebal is about winning but they are on tv they should at least bathe or shave or even just pretend....oh and as for manny...i think that the fans booing him one minute and cheering him the next is retarded...he wanted to LEAVE to be traded and his other stunts(ie: peeing behind the green monster during a game) just shows how starved for attention he is...I don't care what team you're on u don't pee behind the wall in the middle of a game.

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So much good stuff. Does your rule apply to my old softball team, the Utica Urinators?

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We were something. What could go better with beer?

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No JGirl, I don't think that this is a product of the Boston fan, but the Boston media market and it's taking advantage of the die hards in Boston. It's just filtered too much into the mass-media of MLB and I guess a product of no other trade deadline news in the world of baseball. Sigh, I'm just sick of it, that's all. Every team has a disgruntled star in some fashion - it's just that Boston/New York has hijacked the papers from coast to coast. Aside - I have no problem with any of the regulars here. That's why we're so anti-noob.

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"oh and as for manny...i think that the fans booing him one minute and cheering him the next is retarded..." Two words for you, my nearly-illiterate Brooklyn friend. Jason Giambi.

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As much as I hate to go off-topic, is it really so damned hard to type "you" instead of "u?" It's a three-letter word, for the love of God!

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I don't care what team you're on u don't pee behind the wall in the middle of a game. A million softball players are rather upset to hear you feel this way.

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is it really so damned hard to type "you" instead of "u?" but at she knows how to spell menstruation.

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Behind the bullpen wall a few years back, David Cone apparently used his apparatus for more than just urination. If would have been funnier if he had been a Yank-ee, though. HA!

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like oh my god

posted by jojomfd1 at 10:21 PM on August 04

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