May 20, 2005

That's a whole 'nother type of racing!: What? No thread on this one? Danica Patrick to start in fourth position in Indy 500.

posted by graymatters to auto racing at 01:18 PM - 20 comments

Adam Sandler should work her name into the Chanukah song. "...There goes Danica...Her speed is super sonica...."

posted by garfield at 02:24 PM on May 20

whats to say? racing is all about equipment - any woman can turn a steering wheel as equally good as a man can. Racers are not atheletes - they are personalities. Jeff Gordon is hardly a dominating physical presence.

posted by springdawg6 at 02:24 PM on May 20

Holy shit - I don't think I've ever wanted someone to win something I don't care about so badly before. racing is all about equipment - any woman can turn a steering wheel as equally good as a man can. Racers are not atheletes - they are personalities Sure, you try going 200 MPH in a crowd for three hours and claim its not physically active - not to mention incredibly mentally taxing - this guys (oops - and gal) need to be fit like astronauts need to be fit - withstanding large amounts of G-forces and well, we could go on and on with the reasons, but suffice to say, you know not of which you speak.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 03:44 PM on May 20

Kinda like saying Marathin Runners aren't atheletes, they just run in a straight line and the shoes do all the work. Anyone thinks she needs a big car to compensate for her small penis??

posted by LostInDaJungle at 03:58 PM on May 20

I'm definately rooting for the new girl this year. She actually has a very good chance of winning behind the wheel of that Honda and I would love to hear all the assholes talk about how racing isn't what it used to be with women winning and blah blah blah (insert same old rhetoric about how racing isn't a sport, anyone can make left hand turns, etc...)

posted by curlyelk at 04:15 PM on May 20

Anyone thinks she needs a big car to compensate for her small penis?? great, now I need to clean my monitor.

posted by garfield at 04:30 PM on May 20

i never said they didnt need to be fit or was it easy, read what i said again. Is a fit person an athelete? They are getting in a car pushing the gas down, what athletic about that - the part where they dont fall on their ass doing it? Racing is all about equipment - and having it dialed in. most racers are little pip-squeaks - between them and jockeys you arent going to find a ton of 6 footers.

posted by springdawg6 at 05:32 PM on May 20

wtf does size have to do with being an athlete?

posted by garfield at 05:54 PM on May 20

Is a fit person an athelete? No, but they might be an athlete. Racing is all about equipment - and having it dialed in. I'm not an auto racer, myself, so I really couldn't say what it's all about. Are you an auto racer? most racers are little pip-squeaks So are point guards. So what?

posted by lil_brown_bat at 06:32 PM on May 20

How many G's Can you take in a turn SPRINGDAWG? Do you know what G force can do to your body? I don't see any fat people driving race cars!

posted by volfire at 09:12 PM on May 20

volfire, allow me to introduce Jimmy Spencer. He's just like his shirt says: BIG. He's an exception, since most pro drivers are in excellent shape, but there are definitely some fat boys out there.

posted by dusted at 11:38 PM on May 20

I guess since female gymnasts are little pipsqueaks they aren't athletes ! Look at Mark Martin the guy is in his 40's and has a work out routine that is tougher than many so called professional athletes.

posted by scottypup at 10:19 AM on May 21

tell me what athletic move are these racers doing? yes they are busy, g-forces can drain, and it can be mentally draining. why is it that the guys that dont qualify, or single team owners aren't at the top? EQUIPMENT! thank you!

posted by springdawg6 at 10:44 AM on May 21

I think this is a question of overlapping requirements. Some activities require, or benefit from, certain physical characteristics. That doesn't make them the same thing. I agree with Springdawg6, drivers generally benefit from endurance and reflexes but the results are much more a reflection of the technology. Some years ago there was an auto racing series called, I think, IROC which brought together drivers from different disciplines (F1, Indy, NASCAR, maybe others too) and gave them identical vehicles, maybe one of you remember if the results gave any useful comparison between them.

posted by billsaysthis at 03:28 PM on May 21

Allow me to introduce Danica Spencer: She may not be an exception, but she is exceptional.

posted by graymatters at 03:43 PM on May 21

She's never going to win, driving like that.

posted by Mr Bismarck at 07:59 PM on May 21

Who the hell is Danica Spencer?

posted by gyc at 08:48 PM on May 21

Wait... that's her?! I am in love.

posted by dusted at 11:31 PM on May 21

There are also guys like Boris Said who have come over from Indy racing and done both NASCAR and Indy league. I also believe it was Tony Stewart, I think two years ago,drove in the Indy 500, and then flew to another 500 race the same day,and pulled back to back 500 mile races. Jeff gordon has also driven a F1 car impressively.

posted by volfire at 08:37 AM on May 22

I'd sit in her passenger seat.

posted by billsaysthis at 05:53 PM on May 22

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