September 20, 2004

Big Kahuna (Windows Media).: Holy moly. (via

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Pretty good. It looks like a lot of the tow-ins in movies like Step Into Liquid, esp. the stuff shot at the Cortes banks about 100 miles off San Diego. Except he stays near the peak longer. The comments below the video are fun, btw.

posted by jason streed at 01:12 PM on September 20

I've been to Mavericks (just to watch -- I've tried surfing once at Santa Cruz, but never made it beyond sitting up on the board) but never when the big waves are out. I've got to make it down for one of the winter competitions. Dang. Re that video, I just thought it was fascinating how the camera kept pulling and pulling back, and it just seemed like it would never end. Also, I liked how it seemed like the water was flowing "uphill". Amidst all this, the surfer is just working his way calmly down, then that huge pounding whitewater comes on him and you think, "It's over", but it's not! The dude emerges from the spray like Poseidon on a surfboard and just keeps on going and going until the video ends. I would've liked to see if he actually came out of the final beater.

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I'm glad big wave surfing isn't an Olympic sport.

posted by JJ at 08:02 AM on September 21

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