February 29, 2004

Sweden yay, Ave's nay: reports in sweden indicate that Forseberg is set to go to Modo again next season, in the event of of a lockout. Colorado denies it. well, wouldn't they?

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>"Under International Ice Hockey Federation agreements, Forsberg couldn't play in Sweden during a lockout if he was under contract to the Avalanche." I didn't know NHLers could not play in Europe if they were under contract to the NHL. Makes sense, though. With this rule and the Euro leagues import quotas, there won't be that many players heading to Europe next season. > "Also, he could not return to Colorado next season following a labour settlement if he is under contract to MoDo." I think Mike Renberg bought his way out of his Swedish league contract to join the Leafs. >"Philadelphia Flyers traded Ron Hextall, Peter Forsberg, Steve Duchesne, Kerry Huffman, Mike Ricci, Chris Simon, 1st round selection (Jocelyn Thibault) in 1993, 1st round selection (later traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs, later traded to the Washington Capitals - Nolan Baumgartner) in 1994 and cash to the Quebec Nordiques for Eric Lindros." (Thibault became Patrick Roy and Mike Keane, Ricci became Alex Tanguay and Hextall became Deadmarsh.)

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Isn't Forsberg not under contract with the Avs past this season? And couldn't he sign a one season deal with Modo so he could come back to the NHL? I just thinks its sad that the best hockey league in the world might lose its talent to other leagues, whomever is to blame.

posted by garfield at 10:43 AM on March 01

Tommy Salo has apparently also signed with Modo with the Oilers also not commenting. (Linked article is in French.) (Aside.) They call Forsberg "Foppa". I've only heard him called "Peter the Great". garfield, McKeen's hockey annual (no link, I have the paper copy) says Forsberg's "Contract: 2004." (Apparently the Avalanche only have Foote and Sakic signed past 2004. It seems there were a lot of contracts signed with expiry dates this summer.) Yes, I think he could sign a one-year deal and return.

posted by Philfromhavelock at 10:57 AM on March 01

Not to be rude or anything, but read the article... Forsberg, the NHL MVP last season, is playing this season under a one-year contract with the Avs. All lot of teams did this under the assumption that player salaries will be much different under a new CBA. It also gives the players more options as far as what they can do while lockedout. I'm not sure if the new WHL has any agreement with the NHL in this regard. So even if you had a contract you might be able to play in that league.

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I read the article, and considered the entire thing a non-story, apart from posturing for the CBA battle: just threats about contract limitations that are not applicable. Hence my rhetorical questions (phil, thanks anyways:) ) And I thought Lacroix's "It's like you and me talking about me playing golf against Tiger Woods tomorrow" was priceless. Not even close to being parallel, Pierre, but kudos for timeliness.

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It sucks for NHL fans, but it's kind of nice that Swedish fans will get to watch Forsberg for one season.

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Forsberg has now denied the story as well.

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Chat With The Hockey Rodent - Part 1:::good stuff

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