November 11, 2003

Pick your most memorable sporting moments: A bit of a UK-centric link I'm afraid - but still, if you like sport, you'll like this.

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Some startling omissions (and some strange inclusions) but not a bad list in all. How can you include Beckham's free kick against Greece in 2001 and not Niclaus winning the Masters in 1986?

posted by JJ at 04:10 AM on November 11

And how can you have played golf for more than 25 years since the age of three and still misspell Nicklaus?

posted by JJ at 04:13 AM on November 11

They seem to have missed Birmingham City winning the First Division play-off final two seasons ago. Shurely shome mishtake?

posted by squealy at 04:53 AM on November 11

They've also failed to include: Keegan's outburst about how much he'd "love it" if Newcastle could beat Man Utd. That Muppet failing to start the Grand National My goal for Holywood Primary School against Redburn in a 1984 friendly. Carl Lewis winning four gold medals in LA. Mary Decker falling over Zola Budd. Greg Louganis cracking his head off that diving board. Pat Jennings scoring a goal from ninety yards. Eddie the Eagle being rubbish. Me winning my bronze life saving award. The list is endless...

posted by JJ at 05:54 AM on November 11

These sort of polls always annoy me. Why they have to pre select them for you I just don't know. Why can't we vote for whatever things we want?

posted by dng at 06:36 AM on November 11

What about Vladimir Konstantinov receiving a standing O from Washington Capitals fans when he was given the Stanley Cup by Steve Yzerman after the 1998 Finals? I may be biased, but that was the best moment in my memory...

posted by MeatSaber at 08:40 AM on November 11

What about Jonny Wilkinson scoring the winning drop-goal against New Zealand to win the Rugby world cup? Oh wait, that happens next week.

posted by BigCalm at 10:46 AM on November 11

I agree meatsaber, that was a pretty special moment right there.

posted by chuck cash at 11:48 AM on November 11

The be-all-end-all of sporting moments for me is the absolutely improbable at-bat by Kirk Gibson. Joe Carter runs a VERY close second. The Miracle on Ice is a good choice for third. Other less heralded ones include: - Mario Lemieux scoring the winning goal in the final game of the 1987 Canada Cup. (I was only 1 year old when Paul Henderson did his trick.) - Bo Jackson hitting a home run in his first at-bat after coming back from his hip-replacement surgery. - Nolan Ryan's 7th no-hitter. - Tiger Woods' first Masters win when he lapped the field and the final 9 holes were simply a coronation ceremony for the new king of golf. - And the Canadian in me can't help but smile when I think about Mike Weir's Masters win this year.

posted by grum@work at 12:22 PM on November 11

My favourite moment of the last couple of years was the Ivanisevic vs Rafter Wimbledon final of a couple of years back. A brilliant match, and a brilliant, implausible fairytale.

posted by dng at 12:31 PM on November 11

dng - I saw that match too, the final game was brilliant. Ivanisevic to serve out the match to win the championship. He started the game in tears, and every point was an ace or a double fault. It was deuce before Rafter hit a ball back. Fabulous, and it's surprisingly not in the list linked to above.

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Um. Just off the top of my head: Jordan's flu game. Magic's junior hook shot in game four. Willis Reed's opening hit. Marbury's last second three-quarter court. LJ's four point play. Wilt's 100 pointer. You see, it's that game that you put the ball through the hoop...

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I voted for all the ones where people died. I didn't think to order by body count, though; I should have. If we're talking "most memorable to me personally", that's something like - Gene Larkin's single, 10th inning, Game 7, 1991 - Paxson for 3 (1993 Finals, with WMAQ radio call) - Jordan's winning jumper, Game 6, 1998 - France clubbing the crap out of Brazil in the same year - Leon Lett's fumble (not momentous, just funny) -And and and Marquette winning the NCAAs in what was it, 1978 or something Bigger things obviously have happened in my life, but I was either too young or not paying close enough attention.

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Another one I thought of, not based on regional bias...Bo Kimble shooting lefty free-throws in the 1990 NCAA tourney to honor his fallen teammate, Hank Gathers...

posted by MeatSaber at 02:33 PM on November 11

There's a whole world of sport in America that I've never heard of. I can honestly say that I've neither seen nor heard of ANY of the basketball/baseball/football moments listed above. I've heard of the miracle on ice - but that was Olympics and not strictly "American".

posted by JJ at 04:12 AM on November 12

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