June 11, 2017

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle:

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Pirates beat reporter does a nice interview with Jason Taillon (pitcher coming back from fight with cancer), and ESPN asks if they can use the interview on their "platforms" and offer only "credit" as payment.

He responds. And the twitterverse responds to him.

(Jayson Stark was an ESPN writer for 17 years before being canned by them as a cost-cutting measure.)

This is the second time ESPN has asked to use other people's work after firing most of their reporters.

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It's that time of year where Seattle Mariners fans get REALLY salty about the Canadian invasion into their stadium.

Watch the videos and understand why some people call Safeco Field "SkyDome West" when Toronto comes to town.

Morales home run

Smoak home run

Osuna locks down the save

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respect the baseball smarts

When I first began to umpire games that actually counted for something, a play like this got me into trouble. After a base on balls, the ball is not dead. There was a walk, and the coach began walking toward the foul line to talk to his pitcher, yelling at me to call time. My attention was on the coach and nothing else. I put my arms up in the dead ball signal, yelled "time is out", and looked up to see the batter-runner halfway to second. Now I have to explain to the other coach how I have screwed up, put the runner back on first, and try to get through the rest of the game without my pants falling down, or something equally atrocious. Ever since then I have been meticulous about forcing coaches to wait until the base on balls award is complete before I allow the time out.

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