April 01, 2017

Bruce Bochy takes medical leave, Barry Bonds interim manager for San Francisco Giants:
The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that Giants manager Bruce Bochy is taking a leave of absence due to "a medical issue" and that recently-hired-advisor-to-the-CEO Barry Bonds has been tapped to fill in as the interim manager until Bochy is cleared to return.

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It looks like my link is messed up in the post title. I guess there is a bad character in the web page, or I pasted it incorrectly, but it's chopped off the end of it. I'm not sure how to fix it.

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Chronicle beat reporter Daryl Polsafio reports that:

Bochy's medical leave of absence is so he may be tested for "early onset dementia". The rumours are that Giants officials became worried when Bochy insisted in multiple interviews and discussions that "last year's bullpen wasn't that bad", so they confronted Bochy directly and requested he be tested.

The columnist, April Slaydofo, adds:

When asked about managing the team, Bonds says that he'll be a hands-off manager, but he will insist that everyone take the health supplements provided before each game by the team's new dietician and trainer, Greg Anderson.

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One member of the press was admonished after referring to the Giants skipper as "Chubby Core". As he should have been. There is absolutely no place for that sort of thing.

I had dinner with Ms. Slaydofo once. It was late. She had just made her deadline for the online edition and seemed very tired and had a distant gaze in her eyes. When I got the check, the waiter had scribbled "Loopy Lids Afar" on it. He understood.

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