August 04, 2014

CFL Pick 'Em, Week 7: If you were lured to the CFL Pick 'Em with promises of points galore, hoo boy were you misinformed. Either the league is super wacky this season, or we're all just terrible at this, but man alive have points been tough to come by so far. But maybe this is the week that your luck turns around, so polish your lucky penny and make your picks inside.

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Feast and famine this week: Winnipeg and B.C. both notch single-point victories, with more late-game Willy heroics for Winnipeg and Kevin Glenn gettin' 'er done for the Lions. Meanwhile over in the Ottawa River Watershed, blowout losses for the home faithful as Saskatchewan runs up the score in Ottawa, and Toronto keeps the Als down in Montreal.

Actually all the road teams won this week. Crazy!

ResultWinnipeg by 1Toronto by 26B.C. by 1Saskatchewan by 24
Margin of Error1 to 118 to 341 to 117 to 31

Another tough week for points. This year, as a group, we're averaging a full five points fewer than last year. And that doesn't adjust for the two-game bye week last year!

SpoFiteWPG @ HAMSTOR @ MTLSBC @ CGYSSSK @ OTTSPointsTotal Points
Howard_TWinnipeg Toronto Saskatchewan 318
DrJohnEvansWinnipeg Saskatchewan21317
JPRWinnipeg Saskatchewan 217
owlhouseWinnipeg Toronto Saskatchewan21416
tommytrumpWinnipeg Toronto Saskatchewan23216
rcade Saskatchewan 115
argoalWinnipeg Toronto Saskatchewan 314
cixelsydWinnipeg Toronto Saskatchewan 314
ReeverWinnipeg Saskatchewan 214
ic23bWinnipeg Saskatchewan17311
Ying Yang MafiaWinnipeg Saskatchewan 211
benderWinnipeg Toronto B.C. Saskatchewan 410
goddam 010


Some heavy cross-division play this week, which, given the divisional imbalance so far, can only end in tears.

Saskatchewan @ Winnipeg (Thursday, August 7)
Schedulers, rejoice! The two hottest teams in the league meet up this week. Saskatchewan is aiming to jump ahead in the standings, while Winnipeg looks to protect its division lead and prove that the early season success was no fluke.

Edmonton @ Montreal (Friday, August 8)
Things don't get much easier for Montreal. After putting up a measly five points last week, they now have the host the second-stingiest team in the league. Edmonton's D has given up an average of only 14 points per game, and they'll be well rested coming off their bye.

Hamilton @ B.C. (Friday, August 8)
Hamilton's not nearly as bad as their 1-4 records makes them look, and B.C.'s been anything but consistent. But have I mentioned how tough a stadium B.C. Place is for visitors?

Ottawa @ Calgary (Saturday, August 9)
Henry Burris returns to the scene of the crime: he spent 60% of the SpoFi Pick 'Em as the star QB for the Stamps. But his fledgling Redblacks will need all of that mojo, and more, to make it happen in Calgary.

Good luck!

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Saskatchewan by 11

Edmonton by 16

British Columbia by 6

Calgary by 23

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Winnipeg by 3

Edmonton by 27

BC by 10

Calgary by 27

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Saskatchewan by 2

Edmonton by 18

BC by 3

Calgary by 32

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Ah, Mike Pyke, Swans premiership player. Saskatchewan by 7. And Sydney's favourite Canadian. Edmonton by 21. What can Australia possibly offer in return? BC by 15. How about swapping some Footy Cards? What? You mean Mark Harris isn't Montreal's favourite Australian? Calgary by 21.

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Winnipeg by 5

Edmonton by 13

BC by 8

Calgary by 18

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Winnipeg by 10

Edmonton by 4

BC by 7

Calgary by 15

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Saskatchewan by 6
Edmonton by 8
Hamilton by 2
Calgary by 18

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Saskatchewan by 8
Edmonton by 20
BC by 3
Calgary by 12

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Had a great week building a deck and ramp for a guy with Parkinson's Disease. 8 teenagers and 3 adults, nobody with a lot of carpentry experience, and we got it done in a week. We also put new skirting on his mobile home in the bargain. That being done, it's time to get back to the business at hand.

Saskatchewan at Winnipeg: Both teams are on 2-game win streaks, but Blue Bombers have the better record. On a per game basis, there is little to choose between the 2. I'll go with the home team to defend its airport. Winnipeg by 4.

Edmonton at Montreal: Eskimos are off to hunt the lark, and it looks like the Alouettes will be easy prey. The East is not having a good year, and Montreal is suffering. Edmonton by 14.

Hamilton at BC: The fur is flying and the howling gets louder as this cat fight gets underway. Here again, despite the difference in records, the points for and against of these teams is not greatly different. Lions are the larger cat, so that is the edge. BC by 12.

Ottawa at Calgary: The Redblacks are in for a long Saturday night trying to slow the Stampeders. Here is a case where the disparity in records clearly shows that there is no balance betwen the teams. The Redblacks will be the Black and Blues once the Stampeders have run over them. Calgary by 22.

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Sask by 3

Edmonton by 10

BC by 4

Calgary by 10

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Winnipeg by 3

Edmonton by 13

BC by 5

Calgary by 9

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Hey Howard_T the deck work sounds great, would you come to TO & replace one at my family's place for me? lol

sask by 2

edy by a bunch, well 10 + safety, 12

lions will caress the pussy cats, then pounce, bc by 7

the unlucky RedBlacks will be quite challenged by the stamps, cal by 2 completed TDs, 14

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Calgary by 14

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