January 10, 2014

Baseline Cherrypicker: lets you find out who led what stat for which time period in baseball history, so you can win those very important internet arguments. For example: Greg Maddux led all pitchers in wins between 1947 and 2013.

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I almost fainted when I saw how much (stat) fun this site could be...

Jack Morris led all pitchers in losses between 1980 and 1990 (137).

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The one for triples is kind of beautiful as the leader seems to come and go at regular intervals. I was a little confused by the Sacrifice Flies until I figured out they weren't tracked for the first half of the graph (which actually isn't accurate, but I'm guessing the code doesn't handle the non-contiguous blocks very well).

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It's fun to pick the highest/longest single-square ones where an individual led a stat for a discrete period of time (over 10 years), and no other time at all (not even for a single season).

RBI: Tris Speaker led the majors in RBI between 1912-1926 (1204 or 1206 (if you use BBRef)).

Runs: Richie Ashburn led the majors in RUNS between 1949-1960 (1135).

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Sac flies and caught stealing are two stats that weren't tracked early on and get gummed up in this kind of thing.

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Bill Buckner led the majors in hits from 1972-1988 (2557), and no other time period or even season.

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Well, if we don't hear from grum ever again, we know what happened to him.

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