December 19, 2013

Don't Get Andrew Luck Started on Soccer: Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck loves the other football. He spent nine years of his youth in London and Germany while his dad Oliver was an exec in the World League of American Football. "The passion the supporters have for their football clubs in Europe is different from the passion NFL or college teams will have," he told ESPNFC's Roger Bennett. "And I think both are great in their own right, but to me ... the supporters of a Tottenham, Arsenal or Manchester United ... I love watching the games and hearing them chant and sing, and I love the fluidity of soccer. The football I play tends to be a much more staccato sport where you go, you stop for a while, maybe a TV timeout, and then you start up again."

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Yet soccer detractors complain about the perceived lack of scoring and guys running around in shorts. I'd rather see that than football players, with pounds of equipment to prevent boo-boos, having to rest after running 20 yards.


Who are we? Who are we? West Brom-wich Al-bi-on, that's who we are!

posted by jjzucal at 08:54 PM on December 19

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