July 31, 2013

EA Loses in Court to Ex-NCAA Athletes: A federal appeals court has ruled against Electronic Arts in a lawsuit by former college athletes who accused the company of using their images in video games without permission. The athletes, including former Arizona State University quarterback Samuel Keller, claimed that EA had misappropriated their identities and likenesses without compensation. The judges noted that in the 2005 edition of NCAA Football, the ASU quarterback had the same "height, weight, facial features, hair color and style, home state, playing style, school year, skin tone, throwing arm, uniform number and visor preference as Keller."

posted by rcade to general at 03:19 PM - 2 comments

They didn't lose per SE, but were told by the appeals court that they cannot be dismissed from the lawsuit at this point. They still need to litigate the facts of the case and could still win on the merits.

posted by jmauro2000 at 05:00 PM on July 31

Good. I'm surprised anybody at EA can claim they don't use player likenesses with a straight face.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 08:44 AM on August 01

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