June 28, 2013

For Celtics, trade of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce is end of era: Six years ago, the fans here celebrated the Celtics' steal of Kevin Garnett. A half-dozen years later, they were experiencing the other end of the era, and the sad feeling that they were the victim now, instead of the lucky thieves.

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An ESPN Insider article describes this as "a tank job" for the ages so they can chase after Andrew Wiggins. Are they really going to be that bad? I know any defense will be much worse without Garnett, but how to say about the offense when the Celtics haven't even hired a coach yet?

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Please not another repeat of going through the cauldron of hell to get to the promised land of Pitino moving players around like stacks of Barkley's poker chips at a Vegas whale table.

If Ainge screws the pooch on this, the C's should trade him to the Bulls for Ed Pinckney.

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Depending on how long Rondo is out I think they can be that bad. If there's no Rondo I have no idea how that offense plans on creating good lucks. There's some offensive talent there but it's talent that's reliant on someone setting up their shot. Though, I have no idea what to think of Jeff Green. I suppose if he freaks out and hits 50% from three all year, like he did to end last year, then they might not be truly awful. I don't think this team has a shot to make the palyoffs, even in the East.

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Yeah, I hadn't been considering they might pull a D Rose with Rondo. That would sink them entirely. If Fab Melo gets nightly playing time, expect Alan Dershowitz to threaten a class-action suit on behalf of season ticket holders.

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class-action suit on behalf of season ticket holders

As a Celtics STH, I would not join the class. The old sayings are "Caveat Emptor" and "Ya pays your money and ya takes your chances". If you are a season ticket holder just because you are a homer fan, you shouldn't have bought the seats. If you are a basketball fan and like to see the game played at its highest level, even though the team playing well is the visitor, then you are being amply compensated for the price.

One thing that has perhaps escaped notice is that the Celtics will have 9 first-round draft picks over the next 5 drafts. Their own pick, at least next year, will probably be a top 5. I figure their rebuilding will take about 3 to 5 years before they are title contenders. Watching game after game as good young players move into the rotation and improve their skills is worth the price of admission.

I'm a bit late to the discussion on this, but I have been 'on another planet' for the past week. Church youth group mission work camp in Norristown, PA. We were part of about 400 kids and adult leaders who did home improvement projects at some 65 sites in Norristown for those who because of financial or health reasons could not do them. This was my second, and I somehow managed to build another deck with a great deal of help from 4 teens. It was an excellent experience, as usual.

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Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with what Danny's done (with the caveat that I'm nervous to hear Doc might have left because he felt his voice wasn't heard over that of Ainge's son).

Your church has a funny definition of "youth".

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How to rebuild in today's NBA.

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