June 18, 2013

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle:

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The radio talk show hosts that mocked Steve Gleason's ALS have been deep sixed.

For some reason, their scrota have not been used for any body weight resistance training workouts thus far.

posted by beaverboard at 08:44 AM on June 18

Matt Ryan on the NFC Championship.

posted by yerfatma at 10:41 AM on June 18

That Ryan link is great. Pete Prisco got some nice access to Ryan.

posted by rcade at 11:27 AM on June 18

Great story, yerfatma.

posted by Etrigan at 12:34 PM on June 18

European Nations Cup Final : Spain 4-0 Italy
European U21 Nations Cup Final : Spain 4-2 Italy

Getting closer.

Thiago nabbed a hattrick, which must pain Italy as he was born there.

He's a goal scoring, creative midfielder who's comfortable on the ball, which is nice, because it's been a while since Spain had one of those.

posted by Mr Bismarck at 01:59 PM on June 18

Interesting how Ryan credits his experience and ability to break down film with his success. I'm sure he'd mention coaching as well if pressed. It leads me to ask why so many teams are enticed by a college QB's wins, completions, and all such statistics, rather than looking hard at his football IQ and his ability to accept and profit from coaching. Ryan's talent was obvious, but it wasn't any better than many QBs who have been selected with high picks. The QBs that have been successful are those who have learned their way around the league, can understand how to look at film, and will realize that there's a lot more to the game than throwing pretty completions.

posted by Howard_T at 03:11 PM on June 18

Quiz: Do you know MLB rules

posted by tommytrump at 04:45 PM on June 18

I scored above average. Which can't be right, because the average is allegedly zero.

posted by Etrigan at 05:40 PM on June 18

A Kiwi's first baseball game takes a wrong turn

posted by bender at 06:14 PM on June 18

Has Patriots' Aaron Hernandez been studying with a certain retired pitcher? This should have us worried.

posted by Howard_T at 11:21 PM on June 18

Must have been the week for ignorant Kiwis. I was in my local last night for the Australia v Iraq qualifier (1-0. We're going to Rio. Are you?), when two Kiwi rugby fans parked themselves at the table where I was sitting with Mrs Owl.

They had come to see some midweek rugby practice match between two reserve teams (Brumbies v Lions, if you're asking). After the usual rugby talk (sex with prostitutes, which private school you went to, merchant banking*), they asked us what we were watching. It was clear that they had no idea the "soccer" World Cup was even on. Coming from a rugby background, they then proceeded to tell fans of the most popular game in the world how to make their game better.

While it was still 0-0, they asked me if it would go to a penalty shootout. A penalty shootout is probably the most exciting part of a football game for a rugby fan, since in most rugby matches it is a part of the game strategy for the whole 80 minutes**. Luckily they left before the pub quiz night started, which we won as well. So, a good night in the end.

* Mrs Owl works in anti-human trafficking, and her jaw dropped open when she overheard this part of the conversation. She hasn't been exposed much to rugby fans.

**I'm so funny.

posted by owlhouse at 11:31 PM on June 18

Most NFL teams would gladly see their players involved in issues like what Hernandez seems to be somewhat connected to, just not something as potentially horrible for a franchise as an involvement with a guy like Tim Tebow.

posted by dyams at 06:21 AM on June 19

So are the Patriots lucky or not then?

posted by yerfatma at 08:23 AM on June 19

What do you mean by "lucky"?

posted by dyams at 09:32 AM on June 19

Not sure why you're shoehorning Tebow into a conversation about a possible murder. Was it in question whether having Tebow on your team was better or worse than having a murderer?

posted by tron7 at 10:13 AM on June 19

It's just the constant shit NFL players get themselves brought into, yet most people, fans, etc. remain solidly in their corner. A hard-working player, of which Tebow tends to be, who has never been associated with trouble, is still ripped for personal traits having nothing at all to do with his talent/lack of talent. The fact the two happen to be Patriot teammates currently is just coincidence.

I have many, many friends and associates and nobody I personally know, of those many individuals, has been involved in any way with a possible murder investigation. Why the growing number of athletes continue to get mixed up in them, to whatever extent, is ridiculous and ruins the reputation of professional sports.

posted by dyams at 12:07 PM on June 19

Tebow's done a good job of avoiding any troubles in his personal conduct so far. When he won the Heisman and was lionized as a Christian superhero who was so incredibly genuine, I expected we'd find out it was all a big fake and he'd be caught snorting coke off the backside of strippers.

With Gronk's surgery and Hernandez's possible legal trouble, I wonder if the Tebow as tight end idea will be taken seriously.

posted by rcade at 12:34 PM on June 19

I'm pickin' up what you're throwin' down, dyams. It's funny just how polarizing Tebow is, considering he's never been even sniffing distance away from trouble. I'm sure Pats fans will stand by Hernandez until he's proven to have done something wrong, and many even after that.* Some of those same Pats fans are most likely mortified to have Tebow in the Flying Elvis' colors.

*This is meant as a statement about football fans in general, rather than specifically about Pats fans. The players in question just happen to be Pats.

posted by tahoemoj at 12:41 PM on June 19

nobody I personally know, of those many individuals, has been involved in any way with a possible murder investigation

Well, that makes Hernandez definitely guilty.

posted by yerfatma at 12:50 PM on June 19

I have many, many friends and associates and nobody I personally know, of those many individuals, has been involved in any way with a possible murder investigation.

Out of all those friends, how many of them would broadcast to the world that the cops questioned them about a car they rented being used in a crime? If people in your social circles were as scrutinized as pro athletes, you'd know more of their dirt.

posted by rcade at 01:11 PM on June 19

Are New Englanders upset that Tebow is on the Patriot's squad? Is that what I'm missing?

posted by tron7 at 01:14 PM on June 19

Aaron Hernandez really isn't helping my side of the argument.

That headline reminded me of this.

posted by Bonkers at 05:41 PM on June 19

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