January 29, 2013

A-Rod and others received HGH from a Miami :

"The names are all included in an extraordinary batch of records from Biogenesis, an anti-aging clinic tucked into a two-story office building just a hard line drive's distance from the UM campus. They were given to New Times by an employee who worked at Biogenesis before it closed last month and its owner abruptly disappeared. The records are clear in describing the firm's real business: selling performance-enhancing drugs, from human growth hormone (HGH) to testosterone to anabolic steroids."

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A-Rod's rapid performance decline appears to back his claim that he isn't using anymore.

Or perhaps he's just using weak juice.

posted by cixelsyd at 09:45 AM on January 29

Wall Street Journal sports writer Tim Marchman on Twitter says:

"Anon. guy who says he was ripped off by dope pusher provides what he says he thinks are the pushers' implausibly detailed notes to reporter. Nothing squirrelly about that!"

posted by grum@work at 11:15 AM on January 29

The story of how Anthony Bosch built the East Coast version of BALCO the notorious California lab that provided baseball greats such as Jason Giambi and Barry Bonds with steroids

I'm no Barry Bonds fan, but shouldn't the word "allegedly" be in there somewhere?

posted by tahoemoj at 05:41 PM on January 29

I'm no Lance Armstrong fan, but...

posted by phaedon at 02:59 AM on January 30

So the Yankees stand to save $114 Million if it can be proven A-Rod was juicing.

I smell conspiracy ... and a gaggle of lawyers being well compensated.

posted by cixelsyd at 09:58 AM on January 30

I'm no Lance Armstrong fan, but...

Hey, it was only alleged until he fessed up last week. Barry hasn't fessed up.

posted by tahoemoj at 10:48 AM on January 30

I can no longer support A-Rod. Always wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I'm over it. A voided contract, suspension, and him gone from the public eye forever would be like a dream come true for the Yankees.

posted by dyams at 04:51 PM on January 30

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