October 10, 2012

CFL Pick 'Em, Week 16: We're officially into the home stretch with four weeks to go. Can anyone catch bender?

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Edmonton keeps the crossover in play by beating Hamilton at home. B.C. hangs onto the division lead and clinches a playoff spot with a win over Calgary. Winnipeg shocks everyone with a rare win in Montreal, while Toronto turns in a turkey in their Thanksgiving Day game against the Riders.

ResultEdmonton by 15B.C. by 5Winnipeg by 5Saskatchewan by 26
Margin of Error11 to 204 to 74 to 718 to 34

Ladies and gentlemen, bender is on a roll. He nails his second game in as many weeks to take a commanding eight-point lead.

SpoFiteMTL @ HAMSEDM @ CGYSTOR @ WPGSBC @ SSKSPointsTotal Points
benderEdmonton B.C.3Winnipeg Saskatchewan 649
tommytrumpEdmonton B.C. 241
JPR Saskatchewan 137
Ying Yang MafiaEdmonton Saskatchewan 235
DrJohnEvans 134
Howard_TEdmonton12B.C. 334
argoal B.C.3 Saskatchewan 432
MrFrisby 032
Reever 030
andiemgarcia B.C. 129

With four weeks left to play, very little has been decided.


B.C. @ Hamilton (Friday, October 12)
B.C. has to be the favourite going in, but who's more desperate? The sitting-pretty Lions, or the crossover-risk Ti-Cats?

Calgary @ Winnipeg (Saturday, October 13)
Calgary should also be the favourite as they're still in the hunt for the division lead. But the Bombers have been turning a few heads lately.

Saskatchewan @ Edmonton (Saturday, October 13)
Realistically, this is Edmonton's last chance to secure a west division playoff berth. And Saskatchewan's still pushing for a home playoff date of their own.

Montreal @ Toronto (Sunday, October 14)
Both teams are coming off bad losses, and neither have looked very consistent this year. But if Toronto wins, they'll win the potential tiebreaker should they finish the season tied.. and that is not entirely unrealistic.

Good luck!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 03:49 PM on October 10

BC by 16
Winnipeg by 2
Saskatchewan by 6
Montreal by 11

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 04:14 PM on October 10

British Columbia by 16

Calgary by 12

Saskatchewan by 8

Montreal by 16

posted by tommytrump at 08:48 PM on October 10

B.C. by 12
Calgary by 7
Saskatchewan by 10
Montreal by 8

posted by DrJohnEvans at 04:28 PM on October 11

lions are tougher beasts than tigers, bc by 8

a stampeder should get blown up by a bomber, but alas, cal by 3

a rough rider can round up cattle, but an eskimo can catch a whale, ed by 2

an argonaut; A person who is engaged in a dangerous but rewarding quest.
a lark; any of various slender but powerful fancy pigeons, such as the Coburg Lark
So, how does a pigeon lose out to a quest... unfortunately this week it wins out because of better depth... unless its franchise slinger is knocked out of play. mont by 7

posted by argoal at 08:30 PM on October 11

Winnipeg shocks everyone with a rare win in Montreal

Everyone but my nickel!

B.C. by 16
Calgary by 19
Saskatchewan by 7
Toronto by 9

posted by bender at 12:25 AM on October 12

Hamilton by 5
Winnipeg by 10
Edmonton by 7
Toronto by 14

posted by MrFrisby at 07:00 AM on October 12

Hamilton by 4

Winnipeg by 2

Saskatchewan by 7

Montreal by 6

posted by Reever at 12:08 PM on October 12

The old song went, "Help me, I think I'm falling..." So here I am in my slow downward spiral, heading lower in the standings, but enjoying the ride nonetheless. Predictions? Predictions? Don't talk to me about predictions.

BC at Hamilton: Cat fight part 2 happens this weekend. The first was way back in week 2, with the tawny cats winning in their own litter box by a whisker-thin 3 points. Now I've recently acquired 3 cats, and none is of the striped variety (2 gray and white and 1 tortoise shell), so there is no bias in their selections. There's also no selections from them, so I'm on my own. BC has gotten a bit better as the season goes on, while Hamilton seems inconsistent. Gotta stay with the large tawny variety. BC by 6.

Calgary at Winnipeg: The frightened livestock run to the airfield to encounter the azure aerial explosive deliverers. Winnipeg has not been good this season, and even sport a losing record at home. Calgary has been better, but not spectacularly so, and they have a losing road record. Will the livestock crowd the runway and keep the Bombers on the ground? I think so. Calgary by 4 (hooves, that is).

Saskatchewan at Edmonton: Can a Rough Rider survive for long in an igloo? Perhaps, but what could seal his fate? OK, bad pun, but if argoal can talk about whales, I can use seals. These are 2 pretty good teams here, and it will be a pretty good fight. I will go with the home team because that's the way the coin flip went. Edmonton by 3.

Montreal at Toronto: To borrow argoal's prediction style, modifying it slightly, here is the word. Lark: A carefree or spirited adventure. Argonaut: One who is engaged in a dangerous but rewarding quest. So it's a carefree adventure against a dangerous quest, and the mythical Argonauts had a lot of adventure on their journey. We'll leave out the part about Jason's men and the women of Lemnos, who smelled so bad that their husbands couldn't stand to be near them. The husbands got killed by their wives, the Argonauts were "entertained", and the journey continued. Evidently the Argonauts had a poor olfactory sense. So the question remains whether carefree can overcome dangerous. Jason had the Boreads, who could fly, but they won't be able to out fly the larks. Montreal by 7.

posted by Howard_T at 05:35 PM on October 12

BC by 8

CAL by 4

SASK by 6

MTL by 12

posted by JPR at 05:47 PM on October 12

Montreal by 12

posted by andiemgarcia at 04:30 PM on October 13

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