July 12, 2012

New Jersey Devils' Cam Janssen telling us how he really feels NSFW: On his Devils losing to the Los Angeles Kings in the Stanley Cup finals: Host: "The first time I did a fat chick, a buddy picked me up from a party and I was hung over and he goes, 'Do you realize what you just did?' ... I would imagine it's something like that. It's like you had a chance, and then it's like ..."Janssen: "Damn fat broads, man." Host: "So the L.A. Kings are the fat broads?"Janssen: "They are. They're the fat broads that you regret bangin', and I've been there and done that." ... Janssen: "There's some shit-talkin' that goes down that pisses some people off. There's a lot of personal shit, man, like, guys know personal shit. ... You wanna get in people's heads to get them off their fuckin' game and don't get me wrong, you don't wanna go too deep with shit because we all have our issues here. Let's be honest."

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That dry heave you just heard was Gary Bettman.

posted by roberts at 09:53 PM on July 12

I'm trying to figure out how much was false bravado, how much was brain spasms, and how much was truth.

posted by jjzucal at 10:36 PM on July 12

Aw c'mon. What's wrong with fat broads? The worst one I ever had was pretty damned good.

That was a really entertaining interview. I've heard Sean Thornton of the Bruins, who fills a role similar to Janssen's, in a lot of interviews on cable TV, and you can almost hear the desire to cut loose as Janssen did. I'd gladly spend a couple of hours buying beer for guys like this - not the goons, but the guys who can play some and have the sharp edge to their game - just to hear some of the stories.

posted by Howard_T at 10:37 PM on July 12

Yeah, the threats against gay men don't do much for me. Unless he's rough trade and is with guys that's down with that sort of thing.

posted by NoMich at 07:24 AM on July 13

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