July 02, 2012

CFL Pick 'Em, Week 2: Blowouts on the field mean tight margins in the pool. Sharpen your pencils and make your picks inside.

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It's western dominance in our first week back! Saskatchewan rides roughshod over the Ti-Cats, and B.C. takes care of business against the Bombers. Edmonton hangs on in Ricky Ray's return, and Calgary stamps all over the Alouettes.

ResultSaskatchewan by 27B.C. by 17Edmonton by 4Calgary by 28
Margin of Error19 to 3512 to 223 to 520 to 36

A strong showing by some Pick 'Em veterans with four-point weeks, but everyone's still in the race. Please double-check your picks to make sure I got 'em right!

SpoFiteSSK @ HAMSWPG @ BCSTOR @ EDMSMTL @ CGYSPointsTotal Points
apochSaskatchewan B.C. Edmonton5 44
benderSaskatchewan B.C.13Edmonton 44
DrJohnEvansSaskatchewan B.C.14Edmonton 44
Howard_T B.C. Edmonton Calgary 33
MrFrisby B.C. Edmonton3 33
nickw B.C. Edmonton Calgary 33
tommytrump B.C.13Edmonton 33
argoal B.C. Calgary 22
FolkwaysSaskatchewan Calgary 22
Reever B.C.14 22
Ying Yang MafiaSaskatchewan B.C. 22
andiemgarcia B.C. 11
JPR B.C. 11

After all the pomp and ceremony of Week 1, Week 2 seems like your morning trip to Tim Horton's. Except with the risk that your apple fritter will dislocate your shoulder.


Winnipeg @ Montreal (Friday, July 6)
Both these teams are anxious to get back East and hit the reset button on a miserable first week. Buck Pierce has been practising and may very well play, at least until he gets knocked out again on his fourth snap.

Hamilton @ B.C. (Friday, July 6)
A tough home opener loss followed by the toughest road trip in the league have the spectre of an 0-2 start looming over Hamilton.

Calgary @ Toronto (Saturday, July 7)
Toronto didn't look terrible in their Week 1 loss, but they need to start converting some of their yardage into points. Calgary, on the other hand, had no problem doing so.

Edmonton @ Saskatchewan (Sunday, July 8)
This is a game which also will be played.

Good luck!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 02:37 PM on July 02

Montreal by 21
Hamilton by 2
Calgary by 8
Saskatchewan by 9

posted by bender at 07:52 PM on July 02

Winnipeg by 14 Hamilton by 17 Calgary by 8 Edmonton by 13

posted by Folkways at 05:36 PM on July 03

Montreal by 17

British Columbia by 18

Calgary by 14

Saskatchewan by 16

posted by tommytrump at 06:48 PM on July 03

Montreal by 15
BC by 20
Toronto by 3
Saskatchewan by 17

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 08:27 PM on July 04

Montreal by 7

B.C. by 17

Calgary by 9

Saskatchewan by 11

posted by MrFrisby at 06:56 AM on July 05

Montreal by 4
BC by 10
Toronto by 10
Edmonton by 7

posted by apoch at 12:24 PM on July 05

monti by 3

bc by 7

arg! cal by 3

sask by 3

posted by argoal at 09:23 PM on July 05

I discovered today that the former star quarterback from Central Michigan (my alma mater) plays for Hamilton. Hasn't yet appeared in a game, but perhaps that may change as the season goes on.

He was pretty mobile, but his arm left a lot to be desired.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 12:40 AM on July 06

Montreal by 9

BC by 12

Calgary by 8

Saskatchewan by 7

posted by Reever at 10:30 AM on July 06

Als by 8

BC by 12

Cal by 10

Sask by 6

posted by JPR at 12:28 PM on July 06

Montreal by 14
B.C. by 22
Calgary by 7
Saskatchewan by 9

posted by DrJohnEvans at 04:52 PM on July 06

Just back from vacation in the White Mountains in NH. Highlights of the trip were the New England Brewfest - craft breweries from the northeast showing off their wares with lots of samples available - and the Lincoln/North Woodstock Independence Day parade featuring the one and only Wolf Man from Clark's Trading Post. Thrills galore, including a terrific thunderstorm and downpour during the fireworks. All the fun has put me in the right frame of mind to venture my guesses.

Winnipeg at Montreal: Both were beaten pretty badly in their openers, so the question is one of recovery. Montreal is at home, so the nod will go to them. Allouettes by 7

Hamilton at BC: In a cat fight, size does indeed matter. Lions have that advantage over Tiger Cats, so my pick is BC by 14.

Calgary at Toronto: East is east and west is west, but in this case west will prevail. Calgary by 15.

Edmonton at Saskatchewan: Eskimos try to handle the Rough Riders, but they will fail. Sasketchewan by 13.

posted by Howard_T at 06:20 PM on July 06


I see that AndiemGarcia left her week two picks in the week one link. Dr J, make sure you take a look for those.

posted by Reever at 12:08 AM on July 09

Got 'em. Thanks!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 09:47 PM on July 09

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