June 02, 2012

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Outside of a couple of craptastic starts recently, Ryan Dempster must be seething at his teammates. Despite having given up 1 or fewer earned runs in 5 starts this year, he's still looking for his first win.

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All it means is that Ryan Dempster can't "pitch to the score" like a real winning pitcher should, like Jack Morris. If you look at "ERA" or "WHIP", you basement-dwelling stat-nerds would try to tell me that Dempster is actually good this year. But all I have to look at is the important stat, wins. That tells me Dempster (0 wins) is a worse pitcher than Ivan Nova (6 wins). Anyone who says otherwise is obviously too busy with their nose in their spreadsheets to pay attention to the actual games.


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Blue Jays' Brett Lawrie Tweets live reports from Toronto's Eaton Centre shootings

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From Tim Thomas: see why hockey's just not that important right now he later deleted the link from his Facebook page

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Same hedge managers who's destroyed pensions and entire companies with their impeccable foresight?

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Same hedge managers who's destroyed pensions and entire companies with their impeccable foresight?

It's more like the precious metals dealers who are trying to sell gold, silver, or platinum while the bubble is still growing. There are many who truly believe that the monetary systems of the world are about to crash, that fiat money (that's paper not backed by any commodity) is nothing more than a fraud, and that various governments are acting upon orders from the international bankers. My advice is to buy shares in companies that manufacture firearms, ammunition, and canned goods. Forget the 'gold bugs', the precious metals market will fall apart before we have to take to the fallout shelters. Such things are way down on my list of things to worry about. They're far below ERA, batting average, goals-against-average, shooting percentage, and touchdown passes per game.

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I'm wondering what the upcoming Games in London might look like if Greece goes drachma and there's an ensuing run on the bank in Ireland.

If I were stocking a cellar with Tim Thomas, I'd let him deal with the Mason jars, and I'd deal with the consumable fluids.

I have an acquaintance who has converted his suburban dwelling into a homestead. He recently upgraded his chicken and garden enclosures from deer fence to chain link. When his shooter-in-training 82 yr old mother holds a handgun, that red laser dot wanders all over the fuckin' place. I've been thinking of spooking her just to see how many ceiling fixtures she takes out as she wakes up in her snoozing chair.

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beaverboard, don't even jest. When amateurs get worried about the end of civilization and start packin' iron, the last thing you want to do is startle them.

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