November 03, 2011

Lou Gehrig, Kurt Russell's Dad And A Home Run Bat With A Grand Story To Tell: The coolest aspect to Kurt Russell was that the bat was handed directly from Gehrig to Bing. His dad's story never changed: "The bat boy, Timmy, picked it up while Lou was circling the bases and gave it to Lou when he touched the plate. Lou carried it back to the dugout and handed it to me."

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Please click on the SPC Auctions link on the bottom of the article to read more and see some amazing items for sale. Very interesting stuff.

posted by gfinsf at 09:40 AM on November 03

That's a great story. I was wondering though if it works like they described. Is putting it up for auction a good way to see that the someone who really appreciates it gets it, and that more people get to see it?

posted by bperk at 08:25 AM on November 04

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