January 15, 2011

ESPN Reveals Steelers' Trick Play Plans: Bob Holtzman reported this morning on ESPN that the Pittsburgh Steelers are planning a trick play in today's playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens. "Two Steelers have told me, if they catch the Ravens in the right defense, they have a trick play ready to go today that they've never run before," Holtzman said. If you know any Ravens, don't tell them!

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Great, and I read this JUST after I posted my picks in this week's pick 'em!

posted by hincandenza at 03:14 PM on January 15

The first rule of secret tricks plays...

posted by Joey Michaels at 03:34 PM on January 15

Trick plays are about timing (running at the right time in the right situation), disguise (it must look like another play is being run so that the defense does not expect what is happening), and execution (even a simple half back pass is no good if the ball is thrown into the ground or over the receiver's head). Properly played, it should not matter if the other team knows you have a trick play or not, as long as they do not know when or in what situation you will use it and what it specifically involves. In fact, I have wondered if some of Boise State's success in college football in recent years is due in part to other teams having to watch so much for and defend against trick plays that they allow standard plays to be run with greater success.

posted by graymatters at 04:23 PM on January 15

So was the Steeler's trick play to stand around after Big Ben fumbled the ball, and hope everyone else thought it was an incomplete pass?

It would have worked too, if Cory Redding hadn't been on the field.

posted by grum@work at 05:32 PM on January 15

I think your right, grum...if redding wouldn't have been on his toes the plan was for ward to pick it up and run uncontested to the end zone.

Btw - what a horribly officiated game. I could barely enjoy it as every big play I was waiting for the flag that was sure to come. Looks like goodell's plans to reign things in are working perfect. What a jackass. I'll live with no football next year if the players hold out to ensure he's put on a leash.

posted by bdaddy at 08:20 PM on January 15

Also wondering why harbaugh didn't challenge control on that long throw. I believe he had control, but surely it was worth a challenge?

posted by bdaddy at 08:21 PM on January 15

what a horribly officiated game


posted by tahoemoj at 08:34 PM on January 15

I think the trick play was the run on second and goal from the 4 that resulted in defensive holding on the Ravens. What a call!

posted by bender at 08:37 PM on January 15

Wasn't the trick play when Ben ran a quarterback sneak on fourth down after earlier in the play trying a couple of moves before the ball snap to draw the Ravens defense offsides...

posted by iceboxraider at 11:39 AM on January 16

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