August 30, 2010

CFL Pick 'Em, Week 10: We've got a healthy dose of revenge football heading into the Labour Day matchups. Get yer axes ground and make your picks inside.

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B.C. scores a healthy 35 points, but that's not nearly enough to beat Calgary. But the real story was in Edmonton, where the Eskimoes score 17 unanswered points and stun the Riders with a last-minute game-winning field goal.

ResultCalgary by 13Edmonton by 3
Margin of Error9 to 172 to 4

Spitztengle's hometown hope finally pays off with a big 4-point week to cut into the lead now shared by argoal and Weedy.

SpoFiteCGY @ BCSSSK @ EDMSPointsTotal Points
argoalCalgary9 233
WeedyMcSmokeyCalgary 133
tommytrumpCalgary 132
SpitztengleCalgary Edmonton3430
JPR 028
apochCalgary14 227
DrJohnEvansCalgary14 226
Reever 025
rahilsulemanCalgary15 224
Ying Yang MafiaCalgary 124
cixelsydCalgary17 223
SchultzieCalgary10 3323
The_Black_HandCalgary17 223
bender Edmonton 121
owlhouseCalgary14Edmonton 321

Get out all the extra U's you have: it's the Labour Day weekend, with all the fiercest rivalries on tap. Also, Winnipeg plays Saskatchewan.


B.C. @ Montreal (Friday, September 3) This funk simply has to end sometime for B.C. Montreal is normally a terrible place for the visiting team to find themselves, but if Calvillo isn't starting, are all bets off?

Winnipeg @ Saskatchewan (Sunday, September 5) Winnipeg is looking for their first win in five weeks. Was Saskatchewan's tough loss in Edmonton just some bad luck, or a sign of things to come? The bookies will tell you the former—and they're probably right.

Toronto @ Hamilton (Monday, September 6) Toronto is in search of revenge after being simply embarrassed at home two weeks ago. Has Cleo Lemon turned into a pumpkin? Can Hamilton pull off another upset? I really have no idea.

Edmonton @ Calgary (Monday, September 6) Speaking of embarrassing, anyone remember Edmonton's last trip to Calgary in Week 7? Yeah. But would you bet on Edmonton's momentum after their miracle win this past week? I guess we'll find out.

Good luck!

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BC by 7
Saskatchewan by 10
Toronto by 8
Calgary by 4

posted by apoch at 06:01 AM on August 31

Schultzie picks:

Alouettes by 2
Roughriders by 4
TigerCats by 5
Stampeders by 17

posted by Spitztengle at 02:13 PM on August 31

Montreal by 6

Saskatchewan by 11

Toronto by 4

Calgary by 13

posted by Reever at 02:49 PM on August 31

Montreal by 17

Saskatchewan by 17

Hamilton by 11

Calgary by 23

posted by tommytrump at 02:57 PM on August 31

Montreal by 7 (gotta take a Leak)

Saskatchewan by 14 (banjo noise will hamper Bomber signal calling; there will be at least 20 Roughy fans present whose wife isn't also a first cousin)

Hamilton by 10

Calgary by 17 (if it's ugly, it could get ugly)

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BC by 3 (I think my gut might be an idiot, but we're going to find out.)

Sask by 16

Toronto by 4

Calgary by 19

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I was having a few drinks with a Brazilian friend the other night. Montreal by 14. He kept looking over at a woman seated with her friends at another table. Saskatchewan by 14. I asked him if he thought she was good looking. Toronto by 14. "I don't know", he replied. "She's sitting down." Edmonton by 7.

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PointSpreads for this week see the home teams favored in all games, heavily in most:

BC @ MTL -101/2
WPG @ SK -101/2
TOR @ HAM -41/2
EDM @ CGY -121/2

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Just because I felt the need to procrastinate, I thought I'd tally up the scores to see how well SportSelect would be doing if they were actually picking the games. Since they use the half-point, I gave them either the rounded up or down number if they were on the bubble (e.g., 13.5 was either 13 or 14, 14 in the case of the week one win by Calgary). Only one point awarded for the spread on a non-winner.

The results? As of the end of Week 9, they'd have 23 points, which would put them in a log-jam with Schultzie, et al.

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Labour Day [Classic Games] Weekend... Bring it on!

First, but really not much of a rivalry, Al's vs Lions. Well... even without Calvillo Monti by 8.

In the Banjo Bowl, the Bombers will struggle & lose by 6. So Sask by 6.

In my favourite game of the season, Argos looking for payback in cat country. Well... Argos should prevail by 2.

And, in the Albertan grudge match, the possibly resurging EE will likely come up short. Calgary by 11.

Enjoy the games guys, & the long weekend.

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Montreal by 7
Saskatchewan by 16
Hamilton by 8
Calgary by 12

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Montreal by 13 Saskatchewan by 10 Hamilton by 8 Calgary by 10

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Montreal by 20, Sask by 10, Toronto by 14, Calgary by 7

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You know, I think this week will serve as a reminder of just how much parity there can be in an eight team league. Lose a starting QB here, start to gel as a squad over there, add some desperation to the mix and what do you get? A wild week of tough-to-pick-'em football, that's what.

Chris Leak very well could be the future of the Montreal Alouettes. He'll be less "excitable" than last week, so should be able to put the Als' weapons to work. I think Printers will be better this week too, but will it be good enough? Nope. I don't think so. I'm thinkin' this one might be a higher scoring affair though ... like plus 75. Larks by 5.

It's really hard to think that the Riders won't bounce back this week. They're a much better football club than they showed last week (even the last few). The Bombers are desperate though. They have the talent to really be a threat when they put it all together. Again, I'm gonna look to both offenses to really put some points on the board, but in the end the Green team will find a way to get their groove back. Melonheads by 2.

My oh my ... this is a tough one. Yes, the Tabbies are kind of rolling, but that last win over Toronto wasn't commanding. I think Barker will really have his squad convinced that there's a window open to sneak through on their way back to winning ways. Bellefeuille (spell that three times fast) will also have his boys ready to rock. I'm gonna be expecting a big trick play this week. Something wild will be the difference in this one. But now ... to pick a winner ... fuck I want to say Argos, but something's telling me 'Cats. Fuck it: TIE GAME.

You'd have to be on glue to think that the Stamps are gonna score 40+ this week. You'd also likely be sniffin' glue to think that Edmonton is on some kind of roll after a roughshod win last week. You gotta know that passions are gonna run hot, but something tells me that Richie has been able to play Zen Master for his problem-children. Hufnagel will try to push buttons (so will some Stamps players). They've got the swagger, the Esks just need to salvage some pride. This one goes down to the wire, but it still pains me to say: Stamps by 3.

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BC by 10 Saskatchewan by 18 Toronto by 23 Calgary by 3

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Montreal by 14
Saskatchewan by 10
Hamilton by 17
Calgary by 5

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Upset at Stade Percival-Molson: Lions 38 - Als 17

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Crazy. Als did not look too good last night.

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Riders 27 - Bombers 23 (Boxscore)

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It's Labour Day, people! Now the CFL gets serious!!!

Even if I didn't pick you to win ... and I "may" stop waffling on the southern Ontario battle before kick-off too.

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I wrote a tweet [see below] about the Labour Day games & the Argos responded back. Do you support my request of alternating years, if yes then please let the Argos & CFL know. c/o Mike Clemons & Jason Colero
CFL c/o Kevin McDonald

CFL, fans want Labour Day games to alternate each year between teams. IE; Cats at Argos, Stamps at EE, Sask at Bombers, Als at BC.

TorontoArgos @wolfmadhatter which cfl fans? We need names.

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CFL, fans want Labour Day games to alternate each year between teams

This idea has been batted around before. Of those four match-ups, Montreal and BC really isn't a "classic" Labour Day match. And, if I'm not mistaken, they don't do a back-to-back between Hamilton and Toronto like they do with Edmonton-Calgary and Winnipeg-Saskatchewan. The Bombers-Riders have at least made the rematch an "event" with the Banjo Bowl moniker getting added a few years back. In Edmonton, the Friday game later this week has historically been the highest attendance game of the year (yes, before the Rider Nation grew to post-Cup-win proportions, and yes, largely fueled by "back-to-school" promotions with the universities, etc.). So in three of the four cases, I'm not sure how to put forward a league-wide argument for the shuffling of the Labour Day schedule that really has worked so well for so many years. Ultimately, I think that's why this idea is short-lived with the league powers-that-be each year.

But for you, argoal ... I say tell 'em the EE Superfan thinks y'all should get a Labour Day game in the Big Smoke (especially in the event that the Tabbies relocate in a couple of years). I would, but I don't tweet.

p.s. I still can't get off the fence in the Argo-TiCat game, so I'll stick with the tie prediction. Chances really aren't good, but dammit if I am not completely coin-tossing this one.

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Hamilton 28 - Toronto 13 (Recap)

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You'd have to be on glue to think that the Stamps are gonna score 40+ this week.

I guess I've been sniffing glue. Frankly, I don't think jackin' smack would've eased the pain of that goat show. Calgary 52-Edmonton 5 (Horror Show)

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I'd have to say that Lefko has pretty much hit the nail on the head with these weekly rankings. Although, they are awfully similar (okay, they're exactly the same) as the CBC Power Rankings.

1. Calgary
2. Saskatchewan
3. Montreal
4. Hamilton
5. Toronto
6. BC
7. Winnipeg
8. Edmonton

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According to Ed Tait of the Winnipeg Free Press, the Bombers are trying to hunt down Jesse Lumsden. It's no surprise that Lumsden's name is resurfacing, as the struggling Eskimos are also being rumored to be reconsidering the "oft-injured" back. Lumsden is reportedly in Vancouver. Update at eleven.

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