April 20, 2003

I'm sorry to have to do this here, but I feel as though it is related. This can turn into a general Fantasy Baseball thread after the original argument is made. What was wrong with the trade made earlier on that got vetoed by the commish?

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The trade was between myself (Rev's Levite's) amd the Springfield Isotopes. I was trading Pudge Rodriguez for Pat Burrell. I'd like to know why it was vetoed as being unfair, and to which side was it being unfair?

posted by therev at 09:09 PM on April 20

explanation please.

posted by jerseygirl at 09:13 PM on April 20

Sorry, it's in the Yahoo Fantasy Baseball league.

posted by therev at 09:15 PM on April 20

No no. I'm Springfield Isotopes. I want explanation from the commish, too!

posted by jerseygirl at 09:18 PM on April 20

I've posted my feelings on the league site.

posted by wfrazerjr at 08:39 AM on April 21

Issue resolved. Thanks everyone.

posted by therev at 09:47 AM on April 21

I still need an Outfielder for Vizquel or Cabrera. I have a 1Bman, but thanks for the offers everyone. I need an outfielder!

posted by djacobs at 02:12 PM on April 21

I was enjoying being in third place yesterday. That was nice. I should be doing okay tomorrow I think. Well anyway... so has anyone been designated as the weekly lockerroom poster of "SpoFi Baseball Fantasy League WEEK XX Leader:" ? We need weekly trash talking. *nod* I'd do it, but really, I'd prefer to pawn off responsibilities. Plus I am forgetful. Yes, that's it. Forgetful.

posted by jerseygirl at 04:43 PM on April 21

I would volunteer ... if I wasn't on a Mac, jersey. I'm still shopping a quality starter and/or an outfielder for a first baseman.

posted by wfrazerjr at 05:35 PM on April 21

Offer made to you, wfrazerjr.

posted by therev at 06:02 PM on April 21

I enjoyed being in second for the 2 weeks I was, but certain underachievers (I'm looking at you Piazza) are keeping me down. My waivers pickups of the Crime Dog and Rick Helling are going to lead me to surge back! If anyone makes one more Randy Winn joke, let the wrath of the maker be thine nemesis.

posted by therev at 06:04 PM on April 21

so has anyone been designated as the weekly lockerroom poster of "SpoFi Baseball Fantasy League WEEK XX Leader:" ? I'd do it, jerseygirl, but I put out my back last week...

posted by therev at 06:06 PM on April 21

I'll do it if I can remember. What day should i do it on? sometime on the weekend?

posted by corpse at 06:22 PM on April 21

Why would one have to make a joke about Randy Winn? He's awful, and you know it.

posted by djacobs at 08:21 PM on April 21

And I keep telling you people, he made the all star last year. Did you? :P

posted by therev at 10:19 PM on April 21

I'm not sure if you're serious or not. You know he was an all star only because they drew straws to see who would represent Tampa Bay... Also, why'd you pull back the Marrero trade? I would have pulled the trigger on that.

posted by djacobs at 06:36 AM on April 22

Do it whenever you on a weekly basis want Corpse! Just glad to have someone volunteer. thanks, you're the man.

posted by jerseygirl at 06:58 AM on April 22

I pulled the trigger on Marrero because I realized there was no way I was getting rid of Carlos Guillen and getting anyone for him. I'd be stuck with 2 marginally productive shortstops and one less average outfielder. Oh, and how could I be serious about Randy Winn? The man has trouble hitting the ball out of the infield.

posted by therev at 08:22 AM on April 22

Does a trade become public as soon as the two sides agree to it, or when the commissioner okays it or what? Rev and I have a barnburner awaiting the blessing of the masses, and I'm still shopping a starter. :)

posted by wfrazerjr at 03:53 PM on April 22

Anyone have an extra relief pitcher laying around?

posted by trox at 04:41 PM on April 22

I'm thinking of killing the Bernie for Delgado trade

posted by jbou at 05:28 PM on April 22

I'm thinking of killing the Bernie for Delgado trade Why? This also seems even. I don't understand why you feel obligated to care if other people are making moves you disagree with. Should you have drafted for us all as well?

posted by djacobs at 05:39 PM on April 22

I like to keep things fair, if one person is trying to take advantage of another, like you did DJ, then I feel it's the job as commish to keep the league competitive.

posted by jbou at 07:47 PM on April 22

Is it your job to monitor stupidity? If both sides agree, and its not a clear case of collusion, let it go through. Everyone's an adult here. No one is playing the game against their will. Hopefully, if you signed up, you're fairly educated about the game. We can make our own decisions about our teams and who want on them.

posted by jerseygirl at 07:55 PM on April 22

if one person is trying to take advantage of another, like you did DJ, then I feel it's the job as commish to keep the league competitive. I don't think it's the commish's job to keep all the teams fair. If you take away the ability to make a steal of a trade that defeats the purpose of a competitive league with trading. Let people deal as they see fit, only nix trades if you see collusion. Anything but that is a conflict of interest as you are in the league yourself. Don't abuse your power.

posted by therev at 09:04 PM on April 22

I agree with therev. If the commish wasn't part of the league, I'd say he could stop "stupid" trades. But since he's in the game himself, he can't do that. He should, however, bring potential collusion deals to the attention of other owners and let a vote decide if it's collusion or not.

posted by grum@work at 10:12 PM on April 22

I don't have any problem with the commissioner exercising his powers to block trades to keep the league competitive, whether it be a stupid trade or collusion--as long as the guidelines are generally known beforehand. Maybe you could post how you will be approaching it jbou?

posted by trox at 08:41 AM on April 23

I will bring trades up, we discuss, then if there is a general agreement it gets processed. I will not block any trades before we discuss them.

posted by jbou at 10:00 AM on April 23

All this discussion over potentional trades... is this going to delay the trade process time considerably?

posted by jerseygirl at 10:32 AM on April 23

I'm considering just pointing at the scoreboard at this point, but instead, I'll explain the deal. Hitters I had no capable second first baseman. Locking up two All-Stars means I win that position (not withstanding Jerseygirl's repeated attempts to pry Thome from my grubby little mitts keep trying, I almost bit this time!), which is a high-production slot, as opposed to say, catcher. Because of numbers, I can always find an outfielder, but I already have one Dave Roberts can now run freely for the Rassafrass. Also, Delgado is a virtual lock for 150+ games. Williams certainly isn't. Pitchers: Yes, I had good arms, but because this league for some reason has an infinite number of pitching statistics, I lacked in three areas. All of them related to strikeouts. I improved in all three of those categories to a sufficient degree that I believe it will offset the loss in wins. I also have some problems with the White Sox this year, so Buehrle is not a big loss to me. Esoterics: I believe my ability to make deals and spot trends allows me to take chances with my roster and make up for mistakes. If I blow it, I'll fix it. If I make a trade, I've studied it and I believe in it. Ask J'girl how much we've haggled. I also am a firm believer in the all-or-nothing category. Either I'm going to win, or my team is going down like Linda Lovelace. I think this deal makes me much stronger down the road, and may set up two other trades. Jbou, if you're just going to bring the trades up for discussion, I guess I have no problem with that. But saying, "I'm thinking of killing the Bernie for Delgado trade" is NOT your place. Be a commissioner not an overlord.

posted by wfrazerjr at 11:21 AM on April 23

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