April 05, 2003

Hey, where's our next interview? WC2002, just because you got nervous talking to a girl doesn't mean you should give up. Don't go Geraldo on us, buddy.

posted by Samsonov14 to navel gazing at 05:19 PM - 45 comments

I second this, need more interviews.

posted by corpse at 05:58 PM on April 05

Thirds it. Come on wc2002, get your arse in gear. ;-)

posted by squealy at 06:25 PM on April 05

Maybe he should interview whoever wins the NCAA bracket picks.

posted by jasonspaceman at 07:57 PM on April 05

I thought I saw another lady SpoFi-er on here somewhere ... Find her and I will interview her! ... or let me know who should go next.

posted by worldcup2002 at 08:48 PM on April 05

How about starfooker?

posted by jasonspaceman at 08:30 AM on April 06

I read often and post sometimes.

posted by jennyb at 08:48 AM on April 06

Oh, don't jump on the "Hey, I'm a woman" bandwagon now that it's cool.

posted by yerfatma at 10:47 AM on April 06

jasonspaceman: StarFrogger was my first interviewee. See here. jennyb: You wanna go next?

posted by worldcup2002 at 11:34 AM on April 06

Why doesn't someone set up a poll and everyone can vote who they want to be interviewed next? And do you want to interview two women back-to-back? The boys might get far too stimulated by that...

posted by grum@work at 11:35 AM on April 06

two women back-to-back? Do you even need to ask? ;-p Heeheehee. But seriously, I have my reasons, which shall soon be revealed.

posted by worldcup2002 at 11:40 AM on April 06

I'd like to hear from 86, corpse, or grum (not to take anyhing away from jennyb). Also, maybe the Pantheon can put Interviews on the sidebar or something?

posted by Samsonov14 at 11:42 AM on April 06

Or squealy. Gotta hear from squealy.

posted by Samsonov14 at 11:44 AM on April 06

I could interview corpse and jennyb together. Ooo! A double interview! Another innovation brought to you by WC2002 Productions.

posted by worldcup2002 at 11:46 AM on April 06

Let's face it wc2002, those reasons are a) you need to pull b) you think this is your best chance.

posted by squealy at 11:47 AM on April 06

I take back my squealy recommendation.

posted by Samsonov14 at 11:57 AM on April 06

Awww. Just because I suggested wc2002 was looking for lurve? You are a very fickle Samsonov. :-(

posted by squealy at 12:08 PM on April 06

Err, just a thought. Does "to pull" mean something else than to pick up a new, errrrr, babe, in the USA?

posted by squealy at 12:12 PM on April 06


posted by Samsonov14 at 12:30 PM on April 06

Two nations divided by a common language.

posted by Fat Buddha at 12:37 PM on April 06

English for the Americans!

posted by billsaysthis at 01:07 PM on April 06

OK, I give up, what does it mean? Vive la difference.

posted by squealy at 01:22 PM on April 06

I believe you call it "wanking". WC2002 sitting at his computer interviewing a girl while engaging in questionable activities makes for some disturbing imagery. Nice link, btw.

posted by Samsonov14 at 01:49 PM on April 06

That is *so* not what I meant. What a terrible faux pas. Obviously I meant to imply wc2002 was a loser, not a wanker. Though, if the cap fits. ;-)

posted by squealy at 02:05 PM on April 06

Squealy recommendation reinstated. Why can't we all just get along?

posted by Samsonov14 at 02:33 PM on April 06

squealypig and samsonite: You obviously have not seen jennyb's profile. Looooosers!

posted by worldcup2002 at 07:16 PM on April 06

A non-soccer related interviewee would be good. rcade?

posted by BigCalm at 03:52 AM on April 07

Perhaps wc2002 should interview BigCalm about the experience of supporting a team fast heading for oblivion?

posted by Fat Buddha at 04:14 AM on April 07

Since the baseball season is starting, how about someone with an obvious baseball slant: hal incandenza. Or since the hockey playoffs are beginning on Wednesday, how about an NHL expert: Samsonov14 or Succa or mkn. Or just go with some big time posters from the panthenon: kirkaracha or rcade or owillis

posted by grum@work at 06:06 AM on April 07

FB: I was trying to keep quiet about Villa's fixture list. I'm deeply worried. The only thing that can save us is West Ham going down. /realises they've still got David James. Ah that's ok then. phew.

posted by BigCalm at 06:52 AM on April 07

I'd like to see the squealy interview. Maybe BigCalm? Did yerfatma do one yet? and if you go with jennyb, allow me to dispense a word of advice for my fellow SpoFi chick: nothing kills an interview like telling them you have a boyfriend.

posted by jerseygirl at 07:50 AM on April 07

Yeah, but her boyfriend brough he to SpoFi. We'd be up for a double interview, although she's much more interesting than me.

posted by corpse at 09:39 AM on April 07

Double interview it is! That would be cool. Could you (and everyone else) wait another week? Unfortunately, I'm on a major deadline this week. :-(

posted by worldcup2002 at 09:47 AM on April 07

btw, jerseygirl: The boyfriend thing didn't ruin our interview. I've just been having trouble getting my groove back. (And unlike Stella, I will not find it with Taye Diggs on a Caribbean island. Ahem.) My apologies. Anyway, I think I will start by paying more attention.

posted by worldcup2002 at 09:51 AM on April 07

Aw, worldcup, you did fine. It was a fine interview! Dude, I can't believe you saw How Stella Got Her Groove Back. Seriously, did a girl drag you to that or was there absolutely nothing on cable?

posted by jerseygirl at 10:34 AM on April 07

Yes, my wife, with whom I now have a little monkey boy. In order to get your groove on, you must sometimes watch Get Her Groove Back. ;-P

posted by worldcup2002 at 12:26 PM on April 07

Neat. I'm famous.

posted by jennyb at 12:29 PM on April 07

Double interview sounds fun, as long as both subjects answer all the questions. Oh, and no tongues. I'm looking at you wc2002 and corpse. For the record, and seeing as my name has been mentioned twice *blush*, I have no objection to being interviewed at some point in the future.

posted by squealy at 12:50 PM on April 07

congrats on the little monkey boy! i still can't believe you saw that movie.

posted by jerseygirl at 01:42 PM on April 07

I'd like some props for finish DEAD FREAKING LAST in the bracket contest. That was really hard to get everything almost completely right on one side of the draw and totally wrong on the other! I'm an artiste! Oh, and much love on the monkey boy, WC2K!

posted by wfrazerjr at 02:41 PM on April 07

squealy: For the record, and seeing as my name has been mentioned twice *blush*, I have no objection to being interviewed at some point in the future. You're on, mate. You're next after jb + corpse. Perhaps you and FB would be a good double interview, you being such long-suffering brummy bog bandits and all. Hahahahaha! Watch out there, you Midlands monkeys!

posted by worldcup2002 at 04:14 PM on April 07

wfrazer: Sorry about the bracket contest. Should've kept faith with Syracuse. Orangemen represent!

posted by worldcup2002 at 04:15 PM on April 07

I have no faith in Syracuse. I would have rather seen a concert featuring both Michael AND LaToya than watch Jim Boeheim win a national title, the whiny bastard.

posted by wfrazerjr at 08:23 AM on April 08

Here, wfrazerjr:

posted by worldcup2002 at 09:50 AM on April 08

And here:

posted by worldcup2002 at 09:53 AM on April 08

Thanks, WC2K! So, who's hotter ... LaToya or Jim?

posted by wfrazerjr at 12:58 PM on April 08

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