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Houston Soccer Takes a Number

I think that any former fan has every right to be angry with moves like this, when stupid sports politics get in the way of the real meaning of the game. I know I was pissed when the Oilers moved to Tennessee, and had many not-so-nice names picked out for their team....because I WAS a True Blue fan of the Oilers. It made me mad to see my team leave the state because of the stupid politics of sports. Do I support the Titans today? Hell no. Why? Because they're not my team.

posted by jamaicaphooey at 11:48 AM on January 27

Kubiak to Houston

^^ Okay, the name of 1 QB with the same offensive line stats that could perform well, and could do this consistently, under those circumstances would suffice. David Carr isn't the best QB ever, he was a little over-rated when he came into Houston. His talent doesn't match his record, though.

posted by jamaicaphooey at 09:56 AM on January 27

Kubiak to Houston

Pick any top QB in the draft and let him play for Houston. The end result will be the same. Maybe Young's a little quicker, but give him 3 years with the same line as Carr and he may not have as many sacks, but he'd be getting the hell beat out of him out there, just like Carr. But hey - if it's Houston's goal to train the new batch of future QB's for the Special Olympics, I say keep shopping for 'em.

posted by jamaicaphooey at 09:06 AM on January 27