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Eddie got a Raw Deal

mr. hockey i totally disagree with you. Putting Mario in as head coach would be a HUGE distraction. Not only is he not a big disciplinarian, which this club desperatly needs right now, he does not stress defense. The Pens own the worst defense in the league. And some of you guys are right, Fleury has played pretty well the last week or so, but there's nobody protecting th net for him and that will only last so long. Thibault was a bust. Recchi is playing solid for his age, Gonchar has been horrible (I thought he used to be a Penguin killer with the Caps??), LeClair is sluggish and showing his age, Palffy has had good hop but just not getting the scoring chances. I'll tell u one thing, they have to get more 21 friggin shots on goal, this is pathetic, 21 shots?!? They should have that by no later than the end of the second. And while they're only getting 21 shots, their opponent has 40+, this is not a good hockey club. I don't agree with firing Slipery Rock Joe, this guy has bled black and gold for 3 decades and this sinking ship was not his fault. Speaking of black and gold, I'm sick of these new uniforms. GO BACK TO THE UNI'S WE WORE WHEN WE WERE WINNING CUPS!!! We haven't won shit since they changed uni's.

posted by sully44 at 12:33 PM on December 15