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Theo Epstein walks away

Here is what we know about Theo: 1 - he has strong internal guidance and guts. look at what he did with Nomar. given this we should understand that he has a very practical view of life and will do what he thinks is right 2 - during the times of ARod and Nomar - when there was a lot of internal noise from the Sox - Theo was a level head. he did not bask either player, their agents, etc. while there was a lot of noise coming from the sox PR system (and some from Larry L directly) - Theo kept an even head and during the Nomar situation suggested 'everyone should turn the page' 3 - My own humble opinion - - yes Larry L was his mentor and brought him along, yes Dr. Charles was part of that as well - but, in the end, a person like theo will not sign up to be part of something he disagrees with. Maybe it is all talk - but if you look at the Sox standard operating procedure - there is a lot of public leaking of bad info when negotiations breaks down. I do believe that theo is not up for this, wants a tighter ship and Larry L simply is too visible. What happened on sun/mon is typical of what I think he didn't like - leaked info in the press. I believe we are back to the dan duquette days. Theo brought talent - he related to players - he was approachable and liked - people came to boston BECAUSE of him - I think with Larry L - you will find that people WON'T COME because of him. Look at how the players responded. Like a players manager - theo was a players GM - he knew how to deal with them and treat them properly and with respect. Dan Duquette - Larry L --- twin sons of different mothers when it comes to this......aliention of the talent pool - here we come!!!!

posted by SoxInMethuen at 11:23 AM on November 01