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Seahawks secondary takes a hit.

poor baby to bad for him. he'll survive hes a champ. people are nuts and evil.

posted by italianchic666 at 11:52 AM on October 18


if he is such a big deal then get rid of him and dont just say you are if your not going to he need to go to another team. hopefully a good one that will apperciate him

posted by italianchic666 at 02:01 PM on October 17

Did I say next year? I meant this year

tedy might not be able to keep up hope you do know what your doing it might not work out

posted by italianchic666 at 06:40 PM on October 15

Love....exciting and new.

i agree with dyams the vikings do suck and its no big deal and there just going to get a slap on the hand and a dont do it again but if it was a different team and there players they probably wouldnt even say anything about it. go steelers there going to the super bowl and winnig it hopefully.

posted by italianchic666 at 12:25 PM on October 12