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When the going gets rough, the parents just teach their kids to quit.

Yes, let's leave that to boxing, were it is expected. I too was on a team that went 0-5 in middle school and then in high school won 3 out of 4 conference championships. Losing builds character and teaches you how to act better as a winner because you were there once too. There's nothing wrong with a little smack talkin' either, but putting down a team 24-0 in baseball is cruel. I do believe in the 10 run rule. Then tell your kids they got whipped and work on what they did wrong in practice. And leave the traveling teams to play other traveling teams. It's like the Private Schools in High School that can recruit, but hey we all loved Hoosier's didn't we. There's always a chance.........

posted by Bears85 at 09:35 PM on June 21

Horry's big shot wins Game 5

I have witnessed Horry ruin many of my office bets over the last 10 years and all I can say is I would have stuck a man on him. As a Piston's fan, we folded in the last seconds, and were not the champions last night. We forgot to cover the "hot" guy and froze when they put a decent defense on us with plenty of time left. Hey, I was playin' with some buddies on Saturday and I made the last clutch shot, a fade jumper over a 6'4" (I'm 5'10") center, so where's my jersery??? Of course the audience was a rusted truck and some bushes.........

posted by Bears85 at 10:31 PM on June 20

Hatin' on Tiger

I agree, but in professional sports 2nd place is 1st Loser. If you want to still be a winner, try real estate. The second place guy can still be a millionaire while the first place guy gets the lawsuits.

posted by Bears85 at 10:10 PM on June 20

Playing While White

You are correct on several points about race and racism, but please, most Americans can't repeat the National Anthem, let alone the history of our nation or those who came before it.

posted by Bears85 at 10:13 PM on June 17