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Who's Now Pissed -- ESPN Viewers Hammer Network Over 'Buzz' Competition

Education time: I enjoy when someone tries to appear "smart" and play devils advocate, only to appear like a moron. The latest attempt at this occurred when "brainofdtrain" kindly reminded us that the "E" in ESPN stands for "Entertainment" Yep, no shit, it stands for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. Now, here's the education part: When ESPN first came out in 1980, there was serious doubt among people in the industry (being television) that a 24-hour all-sports network could be sustainable. In fact, the concept of ESPN was first pitched to The Sporting News in 1979, and they turned it down. So, ESPN decided that it had to mix "Entertainment" with "Sports" to make it sell with the general public. However, the experts in New York and Hollywood missed the mark, since ESPN was widely popular early on and continues today. However, since "ESPN" is now more or less an acronym, removing the "Entertainment" from the call letters would be suicide. Therefore, it remains. And yes, they have their own programming, thus satisfying "Entertainment", it is still basically a 24-7 all-sports network. So, brainofdtrain, nice attempt at devils advocate. Next time, do a little research and try a little education. As far as this thread is concerned, ESPN is so full of itself it's pathetic. I miss the days of Dan Patrick and Keith Olberman and the group of old-timers who reported the news, not became a part of it.

posted by sptwcg at 11:48 PM on August 13

National Hockey Night on Thin Ice

HEY! Don't go blaming the Bettman and the owners for this mess, unless you give 100% EQUAL blame to the greedy players/agents (leeches). Both sides are among the most ignorant people alive. And the only way the NHL will come back is under a different name with far fewer teams.

posted by sptwcg at 06:33 AM on May 30