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The Supreme Court Don't Wanna Hear It: if you're a cheerleader, you must cheer

When did rights become so wrong?

A+... so true.

What is also troubling to me is why a student convicted of assaulting another student (even if only a misdemeanor) is allowed to continue to play on the basketball team.

As much as I disrespect the crime... The court gave him his punishment, the school can not be held accountable for further judgment. It may not add up... but then this becomes a Michael Vick story.

posted by MJgigs at 09:59 AM on May 05

Kid Gives Super Bowl Ring to Refrigerator Perry

I respect the kid...but in reality... I am sure in Ten to Fifteen years, The kid is going to realize he flushed nearly 9k down the drain... thats alot of money and barely the cost of one semester. The kid got 2 signed jerseys and a few trading cards???? The fridge put no effort into that...at least he could have used his celeb status to get some current bears to sign some stuff...perhaps even some league wide autographs... the kid deserves a room full of collectibles!!

posted by MJgigs at 07:27 PM on April 05