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LPGA Tour will suspend memberships if players don't learn English

Nice try Ormondbiker, but you have to realize Spanish could possibly be our official language and I have no problem with that even though I'm Korean-American. K.J. Park, world 3rd ranked player in PGA said today in ENGLISH, "If PGA adopted same rule 4 years ago, I wouldn't be here playing golf in U.S". Under same rule, Cabrera from Spain who won PGA US open last year might been suspended. Or, he might not have played at all.

posted by choinc at 08:50 PM on August 28

LPGA Tour will suspend memberships if players don't learn English

This is saddest day in LPGA history and it shows that they are still living in Stone Age when people used to believe golf is only belong to white race and one who has privilege to play. LPGA is finally showing their true color of the fact that the organization is still rooted with racial bias philosophy and hatred against foreigners.

Last 3 to 4 years, LPGA has been dominated by Asian players; mostly from Korea and basically LPGA decided they no longer want to see any Asian players in their league by creating rules that it has nothing to do with playing sport. If you are Asian-American or person with right conscious mind, Id recommend boycott LPGA. Shame on you LPGA!

posted by choinc at 07:06 PM on August 28