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Serena won't play Indian Wells; WTA's new rule won't change it

In ancient times,from the minoeans to the romans games,athletes were booed,for a bad performance,and never mind bad playing,we are talking about dying well!! But this is not ancient rome and the participants are not gladiators,no they are paid athletes,and we are paying spectators who has a ticket given right to cheer and boo as we please without a reason that need explaining, Ever been to a baseball game? talk about playing under pressure,65000 people screaming insults when you are at bat ,or on the mound,. Speaking of baseball,makes me think of a not so distant past,where a certain gentleman,who, no matter how emotionally or physically injured he was,would take the field,being insulted ,spat on,even assaulted,his name was j.robinson ,What a MAN!! Had Mr Robinson left the field or boycott a game every time he felt racism,we would have waited a bit longer for an integrated baseball league,Yes what a man indeed!! Anyways if we have to use sports to send messages to the world ,because we believe we have the right reasons to do so ,well lt's cancel china's summer olympics .As for today's athletes and tennis players just hit the ball get paid be happy,Our next prez might be african american,for all we know,so....

posted by phoenix57 at 02:44 PM on July 17