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Had Enough Steroids Yet? Marion Jones, You're Next!

We are such Hypocrites...are we not This was the comment that I emailed posted to CNN. How quickly we past and make judgments of others before we research, study and think over all of the facts and events that lead up to the final outcome. People are making comments(which they are rightly entitled to make) of this is why athletes are over paid...they shouldn't be called role models...and if it looks to good to be true it must be bad...and so on. So the question becomes what makes a role model ...a role it the pay, the work/deeds, the image and/or the fact that they are human and while being human-one of the accepted flaws is that "we" are imperfect...but are allowed to learn and teach from are mistakes. Would I have used steroids if it would have increased my chances to win a medal or scholarships...? I can honestly say no and I didn't. Did I know of other athletes that did use steroids to enhance there performance...yes I did. However I must say and this is no defense for Marion Jones or any other high Scholl athlete, minor leaguer, major or pro-athlete. True Sport is about skill and the application of the skill...just as the same goes to being in the sport of life...(by the way another sport people cheat to get ahead in all the time...where are the cries of fowl play and Grand Jury Indictments)...steroids doesn’t enhance skill(s), it enhances strength. I come form a Powerhouse of a Wrestling Team...and each year competitor coaches attempts to lure the graduating Seniors to come and coach for them in hopes that they would share the Bulldog secrets to success... to their great disappointments there was and is no secret(s)...the formula was to simply work hard to be your best, never cheat yourself, and never cheat the team....we ran 30 miles a week, sprinted up 80 degree angle hills, carried people up the same hills, practices 15 hours a week, and after each weekend tournament while the other teams rested, we were doing what are coached love to call the "Sunday" fun run...rain, sleet or hell. Ever year this was and still is the routine a time held tradition for success. So this is the comment that I posted thought I would share it with you as well.... As a former athlete I must say “it is what it is”…I run into former competitors and as they recognize me...they jokingly say I was the one that there coaches told them “the only way to stop him is to hurt him…and his ankles are weak take him out at the ankles”. Not once did any of my coaches tell me to cheat or lie to win…it simply stated if you want to be number one you must work harder than everyone else. In our quest to be “number one” in America…we are taught through any means necessary get to the top and worry about how you got there only if someone questions you...but first get to the top and deal with the questions later. I am proud of all the athletes before me that inspired me to be the best on and off the field/mat/ and track. I am proud of the lessons that I learned from my coaches, teammates, competitors. Most of all I am proud of helping move the sports I loved forward by setting records and raising the bar. Yes Marion was and is wrong… and yes she should be held accountable…should she retire that’s her personal choice…should she coach now younger youth to become great…you bet your bottom dollar. A true Champion a true Victorious athlete warrior learns not only from winning but from being defeated. As I tell folks in my book and in my Blog…never let them steal your thunder…never let them get you down. As one famous artist sings “through all the pain…there is pleasure on the other side”. Marion…don’t melt away into the background face your demons and rise like the Phoenix from the fire and soar to run a different type of race…teach, coach, and share with the future Warrior Athletes’…to work hard, train hard, and it is what it is…win lose or draw! With Great Thought & Hope Torrance Wade Sacramento CA want more me....

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