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I Need Japanese Steel

I agree with Black Hand. As with everything else in the world, money talks! Toyota had the right idea in getting into Nextel Cup, but definately pick the wrong driver in Michael Waltrip. They have shown that they can be successful in Craftsman Truck, so the next obvious move would be to Cup, but they needed to do a little more R/D on who would drive for them. I have been a diehard Tony Stewart fan since he joined The Home Depot(sorry...former employee)and I have to say I had mixed feelings when I first heard the rumor of Gibbs going with Toyota. But after some thought, I said what the heck, it's the driver, his skills, the pit crew and there skills, and when you got a coach like Joe Gibbs on your side, lifes not so bad. What do I care what brand of car he drives. In partnering with JGR it will be great to watch what a great racing orginization can do with a manufacturer like Toyota who has struggled. I do understand that the founders of Nascar (the good ole boys) feel what right does this Japanese company have invading OUR sport. Guys! and Gals! We other Nascar fans appreciate what you started! But as with all good things, change can happen, and since most of us don't have billions of dollars to do something about it, we will have to except it for what it is. I will still enjoy the side by side, bumping and banging! Nothing better than a good rivalry! Just don't take it to another level and bring cultural hate into the sport. We have enough of that in the world today....And one last thing. If Jimmy Spencer did in fact make the comment that Toyota should not be in Nascar because of Pearl Harbor..... he's an idiot.... and should get fined or fired for that statement. It's comments like those that make this world full of hate. My father died giving his life for this great country fighting the Japanese in WW II. BTW...... I'm Japanese.

posted by myselfand3 at 10:40 PM on September 06