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Spurs 4

Considering the Spurs have the highest winning % of any team in all of the four major sports and 4 rings in the past 9 years, they should definitley qualify for dynasty status. It seems the biggest thing they have to overcome is the small market and a repeat probably wouldn't even help there.

posted by opt2003 at 01:21 PM on June 17

Spurs 4

FINALLY! I think the Spurs may actually get some recognition for being a great TEAM. They can put this dynasty thing to rest, especially if they get one for the thumb and a repeat to boot. My guess is they'll be the odds on favorite next year depending on off season moves. As a Spurs fans sign said at game 2: "Lebron might be King James but the Spurs are Lord of the Rings!" Amen, brutha!!

posted by opt2003 at 11:14 AM on June 16

Cavaliers 0

What happened to TEAM? LeBron is a one man show. I can't deny his greatness, but even Jordan had Pippen, Grant and Kerr. Why all the Spurs haters in the media? There's a reason they've won 3 Championships. When are they going to get credit for being a great NBA TEAM?

posted by opt2003 at 10:14 PM on June 05