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In a battle of image, Duke takes black eye

I can't believe Coach K. had the audacity to complain about the Heels having their starters in the game. First of all it was a 10 point game - not a 20 or 30 point game, second, last I checked North Carolina had "lost" it's last two games and needed a convincing victory over a "quality" team to regain it's swagger ! In regards to Henderson's foul ? No doubt the intent was to keep Hansbrough from scoring with a hard foul (Hansbrough is a beast down low, it takes a very hard foul to keep him from scoring), however, I do not believe the foul was intended to "injure" Hansbrough, the ejection is in my opinion, however, warranted. All this being said the ACC tournament will be one of the MOST competitive tourneys in it's history !

posted by RicoHanes at 11:06 AM on March 05