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FIFA to limit foreign club players

I think its a brillant idea but will the english league suffer, as they will have to wait for quality players to step in to their places, which may damage the best league in the world. it will come down to whether people cant wait to see the results

posted by Daley at 03:59 PM on November 11

Speculation about the Pumas

But for a team to develop they must be regularly playing, but Argentina only play a handful of games a year. I think they should do what Italy have done and join the 6 nations as the tri nations would be a step to far for them. But it will come down to whether Argentina has a bid enough fan base and if they want to travel so much for each game.

posted by Daley at 03:52 PM on November 11

Henry wants wants rugby refs

I believe that it is down to how players a taught the game, from an early age rugby player are punished for disrespectful behaviour, and in a game were are penalty can mean conceding points it is an infringement that professionals cant afford to give away. Footballers on the other hand are encouraged to cheat and dive for penalties. So I believe that football should take more action against this

posted by Daley at 03:37 PM on November 11