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College Football Rankings - Week 1

True my typing may be off. But my facts are on. Thanks for the correction of spelling. This lightmamn likes to run his piehole but yet still hasent told anyone who his team is and any real facts! He said it best. All he see's is blah, blah, blah. Go Irish. And thanks for the support ( mjkredliner - hookem horns ) To the Black Hand, thanks for info, well taken. IM not here to run my hole about a BCS game. IM just tired of these's glue sniffers saying year after year that ND has a candy schedule. You've gotta be joking or stoned. lightman is probably on the BCS wagon. Go figure. Thanks again. the4horsemen

posted by theiirish1 at 02:38 PM on August 09

College Football Rankings - Week 1

Hey lightman. for one who's your team? I see your a typical run of the mill ND FAN HATER. Let me serve you some cheese with all that wine. Some answers to your D.A. comments . Charlie Weiss is a Offense Master. So sit back and enjoy the show. We will have a better defense. Once again like last year, tell your teams they better be scoring more than 25 a game to best us. I'll take any service accademy team over your Ohio, Saint James jr college team your boys play. The Air Force has been in more Bowl game than any of your so called scrimmage teams. Both Michigan Teams are always talented! Are best play plays 2 sports, your right. Once again show the talent level. Are NO#1 Running back is still there. He's Darisus Walker. He's only a Jr. Get used to seeing him in the Zone AGAIN. Taking our 2nd best running back show how versatal we are. The Uniforms and Rudy is called TRADITION, KNOW IT, LEARN IT. Finally, WE NEVER GIVE UP! Thats why WE ARE, NOTRE DAME ! By the way, your team is who? I think you need to just face the facts. WERE BACK.........................

posted by theiirish1 at 10:10 PM on August 08