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Air Swamp?

molafson, my sentiments exactly. but why can't they ship zo (and mebbe somebody else) to the hornets for Magloire?! me want Magloire! waaaa!

posted by memer at 10:12 PM on December 17

The next time you have to listen to how terrible Ron Artest is

Laimbeer and Mahorn was a mighty powerful duo no doubt, with Mahorn being the lynchpin. But how would Bump an Thump compare?

posted by memer at 01:24 PM on December 16

The next time you have to listen to how terrible Ron Artest is

What rcade said. oh, plus, "uh-duh!"

posted by memer at 09:40 AM on December 16

Is Tim Duncan Better than Kevin Garnett?

Sheesh, folks. Might as well ask, "which is better to have on your team, a great point guard or a great center?" These guys play different positions. Yes, it is said Garnett plays a variety of positions with equal skill and aplomb, but c'maaaaaan (<-- the most convincing word in any argument) he's not a power forward. Garnett's great, but til he actually wins something, he won't be regarded quite as highly as my man Tim.

posted by memer at 09:16 PM on December 11