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Duke University cancels lacrosse season amid rape allegations

Put the pieces together...listen to the 911 tapes...When they called 911 the first time from the car,why didn't they tell the operator what had occurred...The team is being silent on the advice of legal DNA with something as violent that claims to have taken place anywhere and no delay in time (she didn't shower, change clothes, etc)...How can this possibly have occurred, it makes absolutely no sense!

posted by rollingthunder at 05:03 PM on April 13

Duke University cancels lacrosse season amid rape allegations

This whole controversy is out of control...the DA should never have gone public in such a broadcast way as his story and the woman's story now seem to be unfolding...Looks like a bunch of "boys" hired a couple of strippers (gross, yes, but unfortunately not too uncommon on college campuses)...One woman arrives so inebriated that she is not able to perform. These "boys" get pissed and shout inappropriate remarks (again, not very nice but we all remember what the playground was like as a kid). They try to take their money back because she "danced" for a couple of minutes and they contracted thru the agency for a couple of hours. She and the other dancer leave after being yelled at and they know they didn't live up to their end of the contract (they don't go to the hospital or the police station but to a Kroegers?) and then in retaliation, cry rape. Rape is an assault on all of us, regardless of race, religion, status, income level, education and yes, believe it or not, gender....I see a Tawana Brawley case all over and its disgusting!!!! (oh, I am female by the way!)

posted by rollingthunder at 11:57 AM on April 13