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Frost was target,

"ACCORDING TO THE FBI COMPLAINT , (and a criminal complaint filed in federal court) Danton and his housemate had a heated argument last week about Danton's "promiscuity and alcohol use". Uh, when did FBI complaints become 'rumors'?? Also, at least one federal agent has told St. Louis media outlets the intended victim was Danton's boyfriend. BTW, a correction. There has been an attempt to hide gay angle from the beginning. From who? None other than David Frost who flat out said Danton "was not gay." (He also said he was not Danton's target. So much for his credibility!) But the complaint said Danton was concerned this 'acquaintance' for whom the hit was arranged, would speak to the management of the Blues about his promiscuity and ruin his career. The idea that alcohol abuse and/or heterosexual promiscuity could ruin the career of a professional hockey player is laughable. No, it sounds like they don't want to get into the gay thing. And eerily enough, the 'explanations' proffered by some of the other posters here help confirm my suspicions. For example, after googling the subject, I found this little bit of damage control from gay activist Bo Folsom: “My take is that the gay angle on this is not relevant. … While there may be a sexual relationship involved... this appears to be more about Frost's exertion of power and control than a reciprocal relationship." Hmmm...where have I heard that explanation before? Ps The OBVIOUS answer is that, the gay community does NOT want this guy to be the poster boy for gay professional athletes. Especially since he would be the FIRST one ID'd while he was still a player. So, like I said from the beginning, in a Soviet-style 'scrubbing' campaign, the gay angle goes away. Meanwhile gay activists everywhere are trying to out (against their will) ANY gay republican staffer who is against same sex marriage.

posted by BigDaddy at 07:54 AM on July 17

"We're all just guys."

The mainstream media wil make a BIG FREAKING FUSS over Barak Obama claiming a 'star is born' and other such democratic propaganda. Too bad none of it is true. They've tried the same thing with Michigan Gov Jennifer Granaholm. She's speaking at the convention and no doubt will be called a 'very popular' governor when nothing could be further from the truth. I was at a Pistons/Pacers playoff game (one of the very few sporting events I witnessed in person) and she was put on camera and the audience spontaneously went into HEAVY boo mode. I read all over the media when that happened to vPresident Dick Cheney at a baseball game, but not a peep about Granholm being crushed. She looked not only bummed but SHOCKED at the boos too. They QUICKLY cut away to Bob Seger or someone!

posted by BigDaddy at 11:59 PM on July 16

Are British middle-distance runners starving themselves?

"Endurance athletes in general give me that vibe." So do Mary Kate and Ashley.

posted by BigDaddy at 11:48 PM on July 16

Follow the Open

I like this. Is this a new idea? If not, I think a whole bunch of wannabee broadcasters ought to start blogging the play-by-play of EVERY game in the sport they're interested in calling someday. It's harder to write a call then just comment on it and would probably be excellent, if not painstakingly difficult, training for those who aspire to greatness in the field. Heck, if they're good enough, I'll turn off the sound and refresh their blog after every play... Ps Heck of a lot better preparation than playing ESPN's DREAM JOB.

posted by BigDaddy at 11:26 PM on July 16

Frost was target,

What happened to the whole lurid 'gay lover' factor here. It seems like it has been erased Soviet-style from all of the recent press accounts. How come?

posted by BigDaddy at 11:21 PM on July 16