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Am I the only one that noticed on the newsclips the kid was looking off to the right, the man landed in the lap of the woman on ACCIDENT in his clumsy retrieval of the ball, and even after being jostled, the kid just seemed kinda confused and didn't really seem to care? "GIVE IT BACK"??? was the chant, but the kid never had it. The woman never had it. No one caught it. The man picked it up from the ground. Yes, he looked stupid. Yes, he is clumsy. No, he doesn't deserve to be verbally assaulted and have all these horrible labels attached to him. A freaking prior youth minister, for crying out loud. He's not a childhater. _I AM_. However, just because one likes kids doesn't mean they should turn them into little demigods, practically laminating their genitals in liquid gold. Hopefully more people will realize that children aren't the center of the universe...

posted by goescrunch at 01:56 AM on June 18